Monday, September 28, 2009


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I know I haven't updated in a while! Thanks so much for your kind inquiries. I promise you nothing is wrong - everything is right actually. Until I have time do update properly, here's a little clip from one of my favourite dance sequences. Been watching a lot of dance on film lately for a script I'm working on (rent Mathew Bourne's 'Swan Lake', Taylor Hackford's 'White Nights', 'Hans Christian Anderson' for 'The Little Mermaid' ballet sequence, or Powell's 'The Red Shoes' to continue this theme...)

A cool thing about Gene Kelly is that, until he came along, movie dancers had been refined and somewhat femme, like Fred Astaire, whereas Kelly brought a working class machismo to screen dance. Just to use trash cans as props, as he did in the most famous 'Singin' In The Rain' sequence, was quite revolutionary.

Wow. When he jumps my heart soars.
Wow. When he jumps my heart soars.
That's FUN homework for a script!

I love anything involving dance. Don't laugh but when I was younger I wanted to be on Solid Gold so bad it hurt.
To throw my lot in to the ring- this was one of my favourite sequences growing up;

I found out a day too late this week that Leslie Caron would be speaking at the South Bank Centre, such a shame
Glad to have you back. I loves white nights its one of my fav danc movies.
Same here anon...Michail Baryshnikov...he was so athletic...I still remember his "pas de deux" with a chair in that movie...brilliant!!!
PS: a friend of mine was a professional ballet dancer...I so admire her art...
I love this sequence and it made me think about why I look at this as art and on the other hand think of the performances of Beyonce as offensive...perhaps it's just because Charisse is a better dancer, but I think really it's because this tells a story, with a mini-plot and characters, whereas Beyonce et al are just shaking their body parts...
Good to hear you're doing ok Emma!!
The Little Mermaid? Is that mean't to be a reference to an certain irish someone? lol.Glad to hear you are ok ,in what what must be an diffcult time for you personally.
I blogged about the Costume Design from An American in Paris:

such a classic, which we had something like this today, all these "dance flicks" do not achieve the elegance and class that was once the only standard, a shame.

Hope you can resolve this x
Just when things appear to be getting back to “normal” a being lacking class appears. You ignore it well.
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