Saturday, November 21, 2009


A Serious Man, A Shrieking Woman

The Coen Brothers' 'A Serious Man' is, by a very long shot, my favourite film this year and even my favourite film they've ever made (which is saying a lot). My friend SB points out that it may be the first Coen Brothers movie that doesn't feature a ransom note (think about it - from Blood Simple to Raising Arizona to Big Lebowski). It does, however, feature three Rabbis. It's really funny and really entertaining and deeply - well - serious. Of the myriad reasons I love it, one of them is that 'Somebody to Love' by Jefferson Airplane, is a plot point. I have always had a huge soft spot for the Airplane, and especially for Grace Slick. I worship Aretha, Odetta and Mary (they made me the strong black woman I am today) but I think my teenage personality was also shaped by listening to weird white women who boom. Cher, love her. Bette Midler, love her. Grace Slick, obsessed. Why sing quiet when you can sing loud? Clips below from two boomers, Grace and then the great Melanie. 'Candles In The Rain' is a song that is very special to my friend Susa, who is very special to me. So that's for you (you're in my head even more than usual) xxx

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