Monday, January 18, 2010


The Real Hangover

The misogyny in Todd Phillips' films - if you've seen 'Old School' or 'Road Trip' you'll know that wives and girlfriends are nagging killjoys and teenage girls just need to get f***ed - came to its logical conclusion in 'The Hangover', which sought to make Mike Tyson, convicted of rape in 1991, into a loveable, family friendly figure of fun. Judging by the cheers Tyson got as a presenter at the Golden Globes last night, Phillips succeeded. Tyson did the film as an "opportunity to show off his giddy side," the writer-director told Movieline, "which I thought was really cool". People seem to have written off that night as if it was some sort of nebulous date-rape (maybe she was drunk, or said "yes" then "no", or he wasn't gracious afterwards...or something). This was, in fact, a terrifying attack on a seventeen year old girl who barricaded herself in the bathroom to escape him, until he punched his way through. The conviction hinged on brutal forensic evidence concerning the internal injuries he left her with. Mike Tyson is a convicted rapist, a convicted wife beater, a vicious and violent abuser of women, and the fact that a Hollywood audience applauded him last night makes me feel ashamed to be part of this community.

Crimes against women are still being seen by some people as *petty crimes* - as if the abuse of women were a law of nature.
It's no wonder so few woman prosecute their attackers.
This is Roman Polanski's Hollywood. A 13 year old girl told him no, stop, I want to go home and he raped her. Men and WOMEN (!!!) in the movie industry are supporting him. It's just more of the same, isn't it? I didn't see the GG's - I never watch award shows but I would've been discouraged too to see Tyson celebrated in that way. Maybe as more of the right kind of women (and men) gain power (and influence) in the industry, things will change or at least there'll be a balance. So, keep working hard and keep saying so when things like this disturb you. I'm looking forward to seeing the movie you wrote, Emma. Can't wait! xo
Neil Jordan is in a little trouble here, because he supports Roman P. Sinead O'Connor who's with one of NJ's best friends came out publicly against his support of Polanski.
I had a similar reaction to someone applauding Richard Curtis' film "The Boat that Rocked" (aka Pirate Radio in the states)

I lose my emotional investment in a comedy where the 'innocent' plots to lose his virginity by doing a switcheroo on an unwitting slag who doesn't need to know who she's fucking?!

I think Richard Herring sums this up quite nicely:

And, to agree with Kai, yes can't wait for your movie this year.
Amazing how we still live in shitty times. Aren't people supposed to learn their lessons and become more intelligent? Why are their so many ignorant fucks on this planet?

Equality my ass! I clearly see why some prefer having sons and worry to death over their daughters. What do I do with my little girl? Sit on her head hoping to reverse her birth?
Supposed list of supporters, not sure if it's accurate, but I'm sad to see some of my favorite FEMALE actresses on the list:
There are, so many double standards in Hollywood which are ultimately reflected in the, dross that is continually churned out in the cinemas.
'It's the good girls who keep diaries; the bad girls never have the time' - Tallulah Bankhead.

Nice to see you back and posting frequently. Keep them coming.
I think James Toback's recent doc 'Tyson' showed a more textured portrait of the man, and his remorse. And let's not forget he lost his daughter recently.
At least Tyson went to prison...Kobe Bryant never did.
I just saw this movie last night and couldn't sleep. Have started an essay on it and was glad to read your post. Thanks for writing.

Thanks for the quote!

Thanks for the great quote!
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