Sunday, June 19, 2011


Don't eat the daisies...

Aw, man! You know what's really lovely on a sunday? Doris Day!

I fully have those blue trousers and tan loafers in my wardrobe. I am considering experimenting with a blouse buttoned all the way to the top. Will certainly let you know how I get on...

This song is wonderful just like Doris Day. They certainly don't make em like they used to...
Emma - with all the buzz about competing Jeff Buckley pics, I'm curious - are any of the ones being discussed the Buckley pic you were/are involved in? Any thoughts on the casting brouhahas? (Personally, I'm pulling for Rob Pattinson, if only because, as you pointed out, he's got lovely sanpaku eyes.)
Hi Leila, no! Not mine...Has Franco ever been mentioned? He'd be the best!
Hi, Emma - yes, Franco was one of the big contenders - the news now is that Gossip Girl's Penn Badgley is going to play Buckley in the unauthorized biopic, and the authorized biopic is still looking for their leading man ( So there's hope for Franco yet!
Hi Emma,
I wanted to tell you I just finished your latest book and I think it is your best book so far.
My best guess for Colin's diagnosis is Histrionic Personality Disorder, with an extra helping of dissociation.
I'm puzzled by your medication regimen--Strattera and Klonopin? I thought you said you had bipolar. Strattera is for you think that Zoloft might have precipitated your suicide attempt? I am interested in your take on this.
I'm very glad you enjoyed it. To clarify, strattera as a mood elevator, neurontin as a mood stabilizer (the klonopin was just for theat "emergency" period. Yes for me the zoloft absolutely precipitated the suicide attempt...
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