Thursday, July 14, 2011


Bat Segundo
This interview was intense.

*Exhales slowly*

Hmm, this guy...
Word. That was intense, for sure. You handled yourself really well, though.

(sidebar: I loved your memoir more than I've loved any book in years. I bought a copy for all my favorite women.)
Thank you Anne. And thank you your favourite women for reading it!
You held yourself well, but then again you always do. Remember what I said about the mind being like a flowing river and never stepping in the same part twice, you're going upstream girl and still rising!

Ps: Interviewer trying for some Frost/Nixon style there, as if probing for some authenticity behind your words. (Would have having a breakdown live on air have sufficed?)

Many people don't understand that mental illness (although I subscribe to neurological relativism) is irrational and unique in parts to every person. It can't be fitted into certain templates or sentences and at times actions and words can seem contradictory and there is no logic that adds up to a satisfactory answer that will enlighten the world of your burden.
Wow. What an ass! Reading this made me so mad. Loved your book. Thank you for sharing your story. So much of it resonates with me and many others, I am sure. Be well!
Around 7:40: "That would've been even weirder, dude - go up to somebody in the street?!"

You sound unbelievably American here!! You are Sadie losing her English accent :(

Although, after returning to England after a few months in France, I came to realise I can't bloody stand my (S.E. London) accent. So I forgive you.
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