Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Elle (Women In Hollywood essay)

If you can get hold of the US edition, I have an essay about body image (and how mine was dictated by all the old movies I watched as a teen.)

I'll go look for it now, it's either that or start working and you're more fun.
Awesome. so well written/told/expressed...
Damn, I live out in the middle of the desert where they don't supply landlines and there's no cell signal, need shitty satellite for internet, and would have to drive an hour and a half each way to find a magazine. But I'm a huge fan of yours and am dying to read the article.

I've been spending a while here trying to find it online, without any luck -- do you know if it's available online and/or, do you have a link?
Can't wait to show my daughter this. She totally loves F&M! Also can't wait for "Your Thoughts In My Head" to be in theaters. Heard Yates and Watson were on board. I've read part of you memoir and just a note from a Survivor ...embrase your anger and turn it outwards instead of inwards. Let the person know what he did was wrong especially because he did that to someone who he loves and because you were only a child. It was entirely his fault so don't punish yourself for his sins. Even if you were in agreement at the time and curious or even asked you were a child you are entirely blameless. You know this, he knows this, and God knows this. No matter who turned a blind eye it did happen, it does in fact exist and does cause your pain so confront it. Let it be known. Give your pain and anger an out. The truth hurts but it will set you free. Being free is truely the only way you can love or be loved. Peace :)
Hi, I had no idea how to contact you so I thought I'd write to you here, I have no idea what this post was about.
I just wanted to say that I just read 'Your Voice in my Head' and adored it. I know what it's like to have a therapist you love, trust, confide in, pin all your frail and fledgling thoughts onto.
'Your Voice in my Head' inspired me to write something, this very minute, at 4.32 a.m. Not about anything in the book or to do with the book, I just read it and it made me really happy - a feeling I didn't want to end.
So, what I'm saying is, good job. X
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