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Florence+The Machine

This was a tough secret to keep for the last month: I wrote the liner notes for 'Ceremonials', the new Florence album that came out yesterday. The album is mesmerizing. If you haven't heard it, look out for the lyrical echoes of Virginia Woolf and 'Prufrock' by TS Eliot. It got me really hard.

You've perfectly described the purpose of music.
Om me oh my, I just bought this album yesterday! Now I have 2 reasons to love it.
I loved your opening line on Poe's The Raven, Emma. And adored the rest of your words in the liner notes. Had to Google you!

Ceremonials has just been dropped into my hands. I've been coveting it for ages but haven't been able to get out the house since it was released at Halloween so this gift (from hubby) is a dream.

I've watched Flo perform a couple of the tracks live and can't wait now to hear the rest of it.

All the best.

Lily Childs

Author of dark urban fantasy Magenta Shaman, and the forthcoming Magenta Shaman Stones The Crow.
Had a weird urge to read the linear notes, actually I think I was searching for lyrics, but it looked so interesting...I couldn't stop once I had started reading. I've been going through a tough breakup with the first girl I ever loved...and not only did she leave me, but she just recently started going out with one of my friends which has opened up wounds that werent even close to being healed...reading that last little part about heart break and maybe not remembering the girl in question but the places we went and the songs that were played when it was just us...it really got to me. I thought it was beautiful and I needed to find a way to say thank you...so, thank you.
I've been listening to the cd but hadn't looked at the liner notes (shame on me) will read them as soon as I get home!
emma. thank you.
yep, i lovelovelove the new album. hope you're well...

I am reading the final pages of Your Voice In My Head.
I just want to say how much I found found your book has helped me and moved me. Ive been struggling with a lot of similar issues and I feel that reading your words has voiced so many things I couldnt find the words for myself. it has been like therapy.

It is also a hilarious read, who knew crying and laughing simultaneously were such a delicious mix!

I have only just bought this album- Never Let Me Go and If Only For The Night are so beautiful. I listened to the album for the first time whilst out running, so invigorating. Music that makes you want to fly...
I have only recently bought this album. Never Let Me Go and Only If For The Night are utterly beautiful.

Had my first proper listen whilst out running and it was so invigorating. Music that makes you want to fly...
Great Song. I have to show this to my daughter...baught her the CD for Christmas. Anyways I also commented on the post after this one. Please read...
Hi Emma,

I have just finished reading your book "Your Voice in My Head". I have no idea what compelled me to pick it up or why I decided to buy it. But after reading it I believe that it was meant to be read at the time that it was.

My father had mental illness and succumbed to it just over 15 months ago. There is one part of your book that has given me much more peace than anything else has in those long months:

Pg 206 "If you have ever lost someone the way I tried to go, I can assure you to the best of my experience that as despairing as they were, the hell they were in, whatever caused them to swallow the pills or tie the noose...before going under, their final thoughts are of love."

Thank you for showing me the love. I will take it and wrap myself in it and be forever indepted to you for showing me.

Hi Emma
I've just finished your book - Your Voice in My Head.
A section you wrote won't get out of my head. It's kept me awake. You wrote that GH's online fan community said you were fat and ugly and begin to actively wish for your death at a partrticularly vulnerable time in
your life.
Strangely enough I witnessed that firsthand myself. Initially I was trying to find out about a new film of GH's. (I enjoy him as an actor but what he does in his spare time is his business as far as I'm concerned.) I stumbled into one of his online forums to witness the savaging of a subsequent girlfriend. Later on the savaging turned to you when you wrote your book. It horrified me the comments that were being made -I asked how they would feel if the person they were writing about actually read their comments.

At the time my world was literally being shaken up - as you said sometimes you are horrified and mesmerised by the same thing. I wanted to know what motivated such hatred. Eventually I learnt that many of the haters on these forums have been doing this for years -it's their obsession, their dirty
little secret. Rather than being the bitchy 13 or 14 year old girls you would guess, they are mothers, school teachers.
The haters eventually turned on me (and on others who challenged them - I'm not trying to be a hero here.) I left that netherworld long ago. The ground has stopped shaking where I am, at least for the time being.

Last week by chance I saw your book on display at the library. I decided to read it. It was funny and sad - mostly sad.
It broke my heart that you read those vicious comments.
For some reason I need to tell you this - you're not fat and you're not ugly. No-one should wish you dead. I wish you well.

A fellow Capricorn
Emma, where are you? I've just found you (literally four days ago!) only to have lost you today (March 27, 2012)!

I bought VIMH four days ago, finished it the next day, re-read it two days ago, found this blog this morning ~ have been reading for hours but here I am at November 2011 and it appears you are no longer here!!!

I guess I can only search for you with my good friend Google now. If I don't find you again let me just say how much I loved VIMH and how much I love you. You are the first person I've ever "met" who loves cats just as much as I do, which is a very great deal. Hope you are well and our (electronic) paths cross again.

Deb Sullivan
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