Friday, April 20, 2012


LA Times Book Fest Saturday april 21st 1.30

I am sorry I haven't posted here at all - if I've been speaking out loud (writing out loud) it's generally on twitter where I am @girlinterrupter. I'm also very sorry it's taken so long for me to read and post your comments. I am so grateful for every kind word. I've been keeping my head down for the last few months working (as you may or may not know) on the film of Your Voice In My Head. We start shooting soon, so I'll likely be silent a bit longer. BUT tomorrow (sat) I am on a panel at the LA Times Festival of Books on the campus of USC. It's called 'Over The Edge' and is about memoir. My fellow panelists are Charles Shaw, Dinah Lenney and Cheryl Strayed (whose wondrous 'Wild' I recently devoured). It's at 1.30, so do come along if you can....

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