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Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams strikes me as a fairly extraordinary woman, especially after this interview with Newsweek, in which she talks about Heath Ledger's death:

"I just wake up each day in a slightly different place - grief is like a moving river... It's a strange thing to say, because I'm at heart an optimistic person, but I would say in some ways it just gets worse. It's just that the more time that passes, the more you miss someone. In some ways it gets worse. That's what I would say."

Sometimes brilliant actors are shallow people with gifts that come from outside themselves (I would say, for example Peter Sellers and Marlon Brando). And other times, it's an unflinching emotional intellect that makes for a great actor, in which category Williams certainly falls.

'Grief Is Like A Moving River' would be a lovely name for a country album, don't you think?

Beautiful words indeed…
I was just saying recently that time is what really mends a broken heart. As time passes you adapt and adjust to life without a certain someone who meant something to you. I guess I failed to realize that one could also miss the person more and more as time passes and they yearn for that person's presence to experience life right alongside them.
***It's just that the more time that passes, the more you miss someone.***


I don't think time's a healer...you 'learn' to live without the person that you've lost - you get accustomed to the void, but the void is always there...if you're lucky, you can make peace with it...if you can't...you'll carry a tremendous cross on your shoulders, one that seems heavier one time and lighter another time...

I miss my loved ones the MOST when I'm happy...when I graduated, I missed my father like Hell...
He died shortly after Christmas...this time of year is challenging for me to say the least...
Do I miss him less now that almost five years have gone by...nope...the thing you have to realize and accept is that you will ALWAYS miss them and the pain will never go away...you learn to live with it somehow...eventually (hopefully).

Take care everybody
Thats really interesting, a work mate of mine lost her husband at 35years old to Motor Neuron.

This is her description of grief:

" Every day I wake happy, and then from the bottom of my stomach a horrible wave comes. It confuses and surprises me, it's the realisation that he is dead. I have to face my day with that feeling."

Sorry, I've just realised that this is quite depressing but I would say, it's very accurate.
Fuck...Motor Neuron...Cleo, could you email me, please!

My father died of MND...you're creeping the shit out of me Cleo :)
I think it can become more real as time goes by, and you realize the person isn't there for this or that event. Before then your mind could trick itself into thinking maybe they're going to come back.

Were Peter Sellers and Marlon Brando shallow, or just very mentally ill?
Stone can't email from home will email tomorrow from work. Christ, I keep hitting on triggers for you.
Yes, you two, Stone & Cleo, really do keep hitting on triggers! It's uncanny!
What's "hitting on triggers" Ladies? :)
***Before then your mind could trick itself into thinking maybe they're going to come back.***

Hahaha...been there, done that!
For example…usually “something” triggers emotions in a person.

In this case, what I should have said was you two “hit on a lot of similarities“ in your lives.
Thanx for the explanation, Akilah :)
I admire Michelle Williams in how she holds herself up after everything that's happened. She was always a bright and interesting woman, but the way she's talked about losing Heath is just so classy. I have nothing but respect for her.

And yes, it does get worse. Most of "those things" do - my parents' divorce isn't any "easier" today than it was a week after the announcement. It's not nearly as heartbreaking as losing someone, but it also doesn't change much overtime.

The thing is the more you go through after someone dies, the more you realize that they will never come back. It's painful.
WOW, funny how life works I have been unbelievably heart broken this week, filled with grief and sorrow. On June 1,2008 my best friend, my only friend, tragically drowned at the age of 29! on October 18, 2008 my 77-year-old grandpa who raised me was found severely beaten in a parking lot. He suffered traumatic brain injury and peacefully passed away on November 11, 2008. And my heart is so unbelievably heavy. I think losing loved ones is the hardest thing on a human soul. Thanks for listening!
I'm so sorry, Erica...
Thank You, Stone =)
You're most welcome, Erica!
Jesus Christ, Erica. There are no words. Just know that, even if you're not sure how you will get through this, you will get through. And that strangers who follow this board are all pulling for you and thinking of your loved ones.
**And that strangers who follow this board are all pulling for you and thinking of your loved ones.**

I believe in 'spiritual support'...I really do believe that you can give somebody strength, even if you're half a world away...
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