Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Oy, when I get that boy...

Right. That's enough melancholia for one week. My dad sent me this wonderful Paul Simon clip. That little girl singing with him is how my soul feels today. That little girl inside my soul had me wake up and bake cranberry orange bread for breakfast to go with the newspaper. I love her! She's freestyling and life, a good life, a true life, is freestyle all the way. Sorry I couldn't enable the link, but cut and paste, you'll be terribly glad you did.

That's so cute :-)

Paul Simon looks like a medieval prince (nice hairstyle, man!)...but other than that...cute!

PS: How do you bake a *cranberry orange bread*?? Sounds intriguing...(is it like 'corn bread'? Or do you use wheat?)
Aw, that was so adorable! The little girl got swept up in the song. Too precious.

Good ol' Sesame Street! I heard they had an HIV postive character on their African program.
I was a big Seasame Street fan, big bird was my first love.
There was a young lady named Kite

Whose speed was much faster than light.

She left home one day

In a relative way

And returned on the previous night.
This is an awesome thing to wake upto.

My friend wrote me this poem just to add to the sense of lovely on a cold Thursday morning:

Beautiful Cathy its poetry day
For you, and where I am concerned, anyway
I realise it has been too long a time
Since I laid assault with my nonsense in rhyme
But since I know you, and your preference is clear
I shall end today's poem with a haiku, called "Ears" :

One on either side
To listen, or oft just hear
That's why they are here.

x mucho llama llove x
That's a lovely clip Emma! The little girl is soooo cute. Isn't life fun when you're a kid? You get to just do what you can and everyone thinks you're cute regardless :-P
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To Anon: 1:04

I think you have far too much time on your hands :)
Not much love coming from anon today.
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