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I just found this old Thanksgiving picture. I think I was twenty-five, living in New York. This is me and my mum and a gen-U-ine Oscar. I be schtum on whose it was, but I always say it was the Oscar for Best Supporting Mum. I was in a period of serious despair in that photo, but I look beatific. I know I was very happy in that moment. Funny how life works.

(I really liked that sweater. A pre-neuter cat made sweet, sweet love to it and I never got the smell out).

You have the same smile of you mother ^^

It's always great to feel our mother there for us. I consider my mother as the woman of my life.
" Under the feet of your mother there is the paradise "
I've always love this sentence.

Cool Sweater ^^
See that's why no un-neutered cat gets into my house :-P

You're blessed to have such a loving, supporting mother. And though it was a period of serious despair, don't forget that that was a moment of happiness and life is nothing but a series of moments. The moments count :-)
You look so pretty and peaceful too.
I think you look like your mum.
the typical jewish nose
***the typical jewish nose***

Aha...I shall post a pic of my 98-year-old grand-uncle...he SURE has a "Jewish nose"...but he ain't Jewish LOL...not even one bit.

My dad looked like an "Arab" although he was of German "blood"...looks can be quite deceiving *grins* :)

You look absolutely sweet on that pic, Emma. What a beautiful face!
" Under the feet of your mother there is the paradise "

In an *ideal* world, anon...
I think Emma's mum looks really kind.
**I be schtum**

Lemme guess, that's Jiddisch..."stumm" (silent, quiet) in High German :-)
You're right, Stone! Ha. I always think it's cool that there's a different version of yiddish for every country the Jews stopped through.
Yiddish isn't too hard for me...:)
What I found really interesting is that there is even is a "Jewish" variety of Spanish: *judeo-español*'s very very close to Spanish, the spelling however varies greatly. "Ke" for "qué" etc...
What I found absolutely amazing is that this community - although they were expelled from Spain in 1492 (!!!) by the 'Reyes Católicos' - still spoke this variety until the 2nd RUMANIA!!!!!
I met a speaker after a lecture on the relationship between Jews and Arabs in the mediterranian during the Middle Ages and he (he was probably in his 60s) still spoke *judeo-español* fluently...
Wish you were a friend of mine-think you'd show me the understanding i need and vice versa. Sorry if i sound all sycophant but i've kept up to date with all your work, esp novels, and i reckon you'd "get" me. It's refreshing in a world of shiny malls and open spaces with very few places for the most sensitive to blend in or hide. Don't worry i'm not going to harass you to death. x hope you feel the love and solidarity x
You look like a young Hedy Lamar.
I see Wanda Sykes! Even though her face is not turned to the side, I see Gisele as well!
You look peaceful. My mother was always lovely looking when she was depressed. It reminds me of a Lloyd Cole song:
"You look so good when you're depressed/Even better in your current state of undress/Tears caressing me like rain/And I'm not even worried I feel fine - in your pain..."
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