Thursday, December 11, 2008


Addiction Part 2

Here's a secret. Way back when I was bulimic, I weaned myself off by chewing candy bars and then spitting them into the trash. This year, I weaned myself off buying clothes by only shopping online, where I cancel the order before the transaction is ever completed. My favourite site is

It's very satisfying because there are so many links to click before you cancel (once you've selected the kind of dress eg: wedding gown or little black dress, you can then select the decade. I always start with the 50's. Sometimes I use the search system to type in 'Marilyn' because they usually have something they're saying is best described as a "Marilyn Wiggle Dress". Bastards).

Here are the two dresses I'm most lusting after. I go back to visit them every day, as if taking tea with an elderly relative. I'm also hoping that if I look at them enough, they will become mine by osmosis.

I showed this last dress to my friend Bianca who says it's not going to work on me ("You're way too short and your knockers are much too big"). But I said "If f-ing Salma Hayek can make it work, so can I". This is my answer to everything, including the mortgage crisis, the square root of twelve, and whether I will ever finish reading my Don DeLillo book.

You don't know how much I love vintage ^^

Between your 2 links my fav' is the
1950's Strapless Black Lace Party Dress ( 'cause black black black ^^)

"If f-ing Salma Hayek can make it work, so can I" This is my answer to everything

It's my answer too ha...

I really love your style emma ^^
***the square root of twelve***

The square root of twelve...Jesus...what would that be now...3,72542198767239902 perhaps :-)
Funny coincidence, I do the same thing to "save money". Just shop online and cancel right before you hit order and you feel just as fulfilled. It works, strange but true.

Kudos to you for recovering from bulimia, and bless your body. It's gorgeous the way it is now, I'd kill for a body like that!
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If you ever find a Marilyn fringe black dress a la Some Like it Hot, please let me know?!

Amazing what diversions will work- whether it's peanut kit kats for smoking or windows minesweeper for OCD-style studying.

The yearning is a thrill in itself. I once waited 3 months for a Karen Millen full length fur coat when I was 16. is a sieve for all the other clothing websites- I found it when I was trying to find St Martins clothes. you can breakdown by style, size, price, decade, colour etc.

I did have a glorious moment this year where I was convinced I wanted a dark blue one shoulder dress that would have cost a fortune, tried it on and looked like cack.

Went two doors down and found a purple number that was 1/6 of the price and suited me so much better.
You should definitely get the black dress. It would look great on you. It's not a bad price. And if you can't afford it...can't you get someone to buy it for you, ahem?

I don't like the blue dress for you.

Just thinking about making myself vomit makes me want to vomit. Nothing is a worse sensation than vomiting...

I've probably been addicted to a bunch of stuff, now that I think about it...the internet, reading, caffeine, unrequited love...
**I've probably been addicted to a bunch of stuff, now that I think about it...the internet, reading, caffeine, unrequited love...**

LOL Elizabeth...join the club ;) that I think about it...perhaps Emma wrote this post as a...hint?...
i think both will looks awesome on you,because you have so beautiful body...and i love the blue one. :)
What kind of hint Elizabeth?

I really love both dresses, but personally I'd go for the black one. It's so pretty!
A hint to someone to buy her the dress!
I comeback to insist takes the black one!!
It will mark your slim waist and Put it in value your breast ^^
Love shopping. I bought the most beautiful dress today. It's a cream jersey dress with delicate lace on the shoulders and down the back to the waist. I've decide to wear it with cream round toes shoes that tie with a ribbon and my Mac red lipstick, just need somewhere to go.
Probably not the right place to put this but anyway.

I decided to read all your books this weekend. I started Friday night and I'm almost finished Cherries in the snow.

Just wanted to say that I love the way you write, my favourite
Emma-isk thing is the way you write internal dialogue. I would give anything to be in your curly head with your curly thoughts for just one day. Just one day like being John Malkevich but with you and I, Em-mas day .

After all this reading, I went shopping bought some red lipstick applied it with only my finger, used a lipbrush for cupid's bow and went walking. I felt like Vivien Leigh so thank you.
(PS Keep writing I'm listening).

Buy black for sexy.
Buy blue for elegant.
"I would give anything to be in your curly head with your curly thoughts for just one day." ~Cleo

Aw, that was a sweet thing to say. I'm tellin' ya', you really have a way with words Miss Cleo! I have a few more books of hers to get through myself.
Cleo! Thank you so, so much! New one's 2/3s done.
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Can't wait for your new book just finished Damage Control really enjoyed it. Minnie Driver's essay was really good.
***Minnie Driver's essay was really good.***

Absolutely! I liked it best!!
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