Friday, December 05, 2008



Jane Bradley, from the genius website 'Bitchbuzz', just put up this overly generous article.

Overly generous? She's only stating the facts love! Give yourself some more kudos now and again - because if anyone deserves to be celebrated then it is you my dear.
You probably don't realise that you're the pride of everyone you know.

i will second what Sardine said :o)

it is an amazing article, Emma, congratulations! I can't deny that I can't wait for more details about the screenplay to come out. i take it - wild guess - that it might be graham broadbent producing? who's the director? what's the genre? you kill me! :-)
Great article, congratulations! You make my heart happy to know that there are other strong, intelligent, beautiful women out there for my daughters to emulate. You are an inspiration to all women! Congrats!
"Know Your Rights" hmmm. The first thing that came to my mind was the song by the Clash..
Where is the interview? Maybe it's my PC...
Nice interview. I can't thank you enough for the screenplay tease! I love having things dangled in my face and then yanked away before I grab at it...

Ah, Spring isn't too far I guess. I can wait patiently.

And many congrats! You must be very excited to have something of your very own being made into a film! That's fantastic!
I give up...I can't see an interview there...just a link to this I stupid??
Try this...
Go to
At the top, select the CULTURE tab.
Scroll down till you see Emma's story "Literary Heroines To Love"
Click it and read it!
Thanx Akilah!! name :)
I wonder what a *bitch bus* would look like...ok's late here, time for bed!! Nite nite :)
The jealousy thing goes without saying.

I joined the bitchbuzz facebook group and found people I went to uni with at Warwick. Small world.

Can't wait to find out more about the non-fiction and the screenplay.
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