Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I Live Here


Mia Kirschner - whom you may watch on 'The L Word' - has just published a wonderful book, in collaboration with Amnesty International, called 'I Live Here', in which, through art, prose and poetry, she chronicles human rights abuses across the globe. Her travel journals were the primary source, along with interviews and art works by the abused. The above link should take you to her appearance on PBS this evening. A tender woman but fearsome activist, this is not just an actress wearing a frock to a charity benefit - I promise you, the work in this book is Mia's life. An inch shorter than me and always in flats, she is the tiniest Amazon I know.

First, when you copy and paste the link you get some guy from Oklahoma talking about the auto industry bailout. Look up and left, find Mia Kirschner and listen. She's brilliant and this is so important. Thank you Emma.
Powerful. . . Beautiful. . . . Heartbreaking. . . .
How tall are you?
5 foot 1, girlfriend. Any man I date takes three months to go "Holy shit, you're tiny! I never realized you were so little!"
How much is that in centimeters? I'm tiny...1,58 cm...I'm shorter than some of my 7th grade pupils LOL.
""Holy shit, you're tiny! I never realized you were so little!"


Big things come in small packages. You must have a big heart...
I wish I were 5'1"! Try being 4'11" and find jeans! LOL Great story Emma.. I'll have to get Mia's book.
I haven't seen "The L Word" but I remember Mia Kirschner from a movie called "Exotica" that I liked very much.
I'm 5ft4 and Frank my long suffering is 6ft4.
My five year old is currently at my boobs, how will I control him when he's towering over me?
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