Wednesday, December 10, 2008


More Powerful than TWO Cleopatras!

There is nobody and no situation ever has the power to change who you authentically are. But you knew that already. Just reminding you.
Happy wednesday....

OHHH this woman is just my queen !
Emma, thats so true and easily forgotten. No one can take our goodness or talents away form us. Sometimes, bad situations can actually highlight our strengths and show us how strong we are.
Very good point E. (and you too, Cleo)

I miss Lauryn Hill's style. Hope she's well. There were so many rumors about her mental state.
Thank you for posting that, Emma :-) it's a very welcome thought for me.

I miss Lauryn Hill's music, too, Akilah. I hope she'll be back on the scene some day.
Thanks for the reminder, needed that! Me too, me too, I miss Lauryn Hill's voice and funk.
I don't agree...I honestly don't...hopefully events and people don't and can't change you, but the truth is, they can...
In an *ideal world*, you're always true to yourself, you stand up for yourself, for your ideals...
But how many people actually deny themselves on a daily basis...for fear etc.
You can get quite lost that way - young recruits who come back from a war are often changed forever...self-alienation etc.
It sounds nice but real life is far more complex...but it's a very good GOAL - doubtlessly.
Hmmm...interesting question. I have a bad temper, and that didn't used to be true at all. People and circumstances made me that way. On the other hand, I'm also more expressive in positive ways than I used to be...and that's also because of people. But the core of the personality doesn't change, that's true...
I think you both make good points, Stone and Elizabeth.

Surely life has shaped all of us. People have shaped all of us. But if you stay in touch with the core, the essentials, nothing can take away your self-esteme and your goals and your love. It's cliche but true.

I've been screwed over plenty of times, but I'm not going to dislike people for it. I'm not going to limit myself because a bunch of f*cks decided it was their job to teach me a lesson. No way jose. I think my point is; LOVE can change you, HATE doesn't have to.
I think my point is; LOVE can change you, HATE doesn't have to.

Too right, JR.

One time in college a student I had studied with for four years, decided he would like to push me off the platform at a train station. He didin't hate me he just hated everyone. He waited until a train at full speed approached and ran at me.

I remember shaking in the fetal position drinking sugary tea that a kind old lady had purchased and thinking "This bastard is not going to change me".

Life will always have up and downs but it's how you deal with them that makes us who we are. When something awful happens, we can chose to fall apart or pick ourselves up, dust off the crap and keep waiding.
***we can chose to fall apart or pick ourselves up***

This is SO true, Cleo! Brilliantly put!

Geeee...what an awful goodness...fortunately he wasn't very successful in his attempt...I can't believe it, what a fucking bastard.
No, he had big problems, but he's left me with a fear of confrontation. I hate agressive men, they make me shake. (I had to sit my finals alone in a big old room.)Boo Hoo for me.
thank you for that. i'm coming out of a very long very dark tunnel and have forgotten what i was before i was sucked into anothers issues. ive kind of forgotten who i am. just have to find those things again that made
Good luck anonymous.
I found keeping a journal was really useful, you kind of see patterns in your thoughts and actions.
thanks cleo, i'll try that.
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