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...this is a word I just learned. It describes a rare condition where the white of the eye is visible below the iris. Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon and JFK had sanpaku eyes, which are considered by some cultures to be indicative of a spiritual malady, and by others the sign a superior being (in all three cases both apply, don't they?) I heard the word applied to Robert Pattinson, the lead in 'Twilight' and the man who, no matter how many times I expect his surname to be 'Patterson', it's still always 'Pattinson'. The movie is daft because the author created a world where vampires are chaste, which is like re-imagining werewolf mythology so the werewolves have no legs. It doesn't make sense. But the whole cinema (and it seems, culture), from eight year old girls to middle aged gay men, was transfixed by Robert and his sanpaku. During the middle of dinner my gay friend said dreamily "What do you think Robert Pattinson is doing right now?" The answer seemed obvious to me. "I'd say he's fucking." "Yes" my friend agreed with a sigh. Anyway, I mention sanpaku because it's my favourite new thing and I've decided that, random as they may be, I'll just be blogging about things I like. The reason being, the world is in chaos, Pakistan and India are nuclear powers on the brink of war, and yet when people gather in groups on the internet they still tend to talk about what they hate rather than what they love. So. Sanpaku. Love them.

You've just made me (and probably many other readers) look in the mirror...

I don't have sanpaku, although, I'm pretty sure I've seen it.

John Lennon had a unique musical talent. Marilyn Monroe...not sure. She had talents that she exploited very effectively. I suppose you can call that a talent in itself...but does it mean she was a "superior being"? As for JFK...I don't know. He had so many advantages that other people don't have, from an early age, it's hard to evaluate.
There is a term for almost everything...amazing...

John Lennon...I had a major crush on him as a teenager and he is still somebody I admire a lot. In my teens I was a *huge* Beatles fan (posters, stickers, books, had all their albums - not very usual in the 80s LOL) and John Lennon always was my "favorite" Beatle..."Imagine" still one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE SONGS...thanx for the music, John, from the bottom of my heart!
I'll raise you a sanpaku and see you a ptosis.
"...which is like re-imagining werewolf mythology so the werewolves have no legs."

Now that's a comparison worth repeating. Ha!

Interesting post. I'd never heard of this before. I see Princess Diana is on the sanpaku list as well.
I was hoping I had sanpaku

The answer seemed obvious to me. "I'd say he's fucking."
Like me Emma, I fear you have sex on the brain, better than being bitchy and negative.
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