Friday, December 19, 2008


when I was a very small boy, very small boys talked to me

I recently did a brief road trip to San Francisco with my dear friend "S.B". In the last hour we battled HARD about the music (though given that, as you know, I don't drive, what say have I a right to really?) We settled, eventually on 'True Faith' by New Order. Over and over. Thus revealing our age, but also causing us to wonder: is 'True Faith' the best pop song ever? (We'd have said Blue Monday but we both go running to that song, and our knees are collectively mad at us for it).

I tell a lie, there was one other song we jubilantly agreed upon:

He needs to know.

But WAIT! There was one more....

Richey Manic, guitar unplugged in the background, bless his heart. G-d protect the man with the lyrics of Charles Bukowski and the face of Natalie Wood. I'm fairly sure I was at that show. See, there I am: fifteen, distressingly busty and probably weeping.

TOM PETTY gets my vote. I saw Petty in concert just recently. Because of my job, I've seen practically every big rock band live and his was the best rock and roll show I'd seen --- well, tied with Bruce 2003! My personal favorites are Running Down a Dream and Learning to Fly but this is GREAT too! Kind of surprised that Petty is on your radar ... but pleasantly surprised ...
American Girl is the one that kills me every time. G-d that song hurts. It's the hook that hides the bile. Like Pump It Up by Elvis Costello. Which would definitely be my stripping song if I were a stripper. An angry, angry stripper.
I'm an American Girl ... raised on promises ... but if I were a stripper, I 'd strip to the Rolling Stones -- Honky Tonk Woman.
"true faith" is def the best new order song. my favorite far and far as best pop song ever you are missing so many "supersonic" for one.

bummer about the manics becoming an adult contemporary band huh? even robbie williams rocks harder now.
Here is my contribution

When I started university in 2001, I'd kept my Leeds festival wristband on from August as a way of making friends. The first girl who responded, Hayley, became a great mate and fairly quickly I passed her a copy of Namedropper. She then returned the favour and introduced me to the real Manics, not the "If you tolerate this, then your children will be next" nonsense that I would instinctively change channels for.
The Tom Petty song is great. Catchy melody, great energy, people who can actually play their musical instruments...I like a lot of his songs. Not "American Girl" though. No melody.
Maybe what I mean was no rhythym. Or both.
Have you ever studied music, Emma?
MTV tried to kill Rock & Roll (see the first video here). Thank God for the person with a guitar who can write a song and the band that can play it live.
Wow, Richey's guitar was most definitly not unplugged in that clip. Sadly JDB's was turned low, such a great song otherwise
I completely agree that "True Faith" is the best pop song ever. You'd actually be the first I've met who agrees. Of course, I mostly grew up in the States.

We were briefly acquainted in NYC in 2007. I had a bit of a crush on you, and - in a fit of insomnia - decided to google you tonight. Glad we agree on the song!
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