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About that earlier post...

Late today I thought "You know, I should really check I was right to commend the White Stripes for covering 'Isis'". So I checked. I was an idiot! I one hundred percent take it back. And I suppose, therefore, I ought take back my allegory about life. Don't worry, I'll swap it for a new one tomorrow. And I take back all the times I've said "Bob Dylan is a far less important writer than Leonard Cohen or Paul Simon" (which is the sort of thing you'd hear all the time if you were related to me/dated me/lived with me/sat next to me on a plane/drove past my house on the way to post your mail.) Oh. And I take back all the times I shouted "Urgh, puke!" when my gentile girlfriends said they find young Bob Dylan attractive. Because this video is one of the hottest things I've ever seen:

PS: I one hundred percent take back my taking it back if it turns out that Bob Dylan is only hot in clown make-up.

"PS: I one hundred percent take back my taking it back if it turns out that Bob Dylan is only hot in clown make-up."

Hey! I don't think it matters.

Some people can't even look good in clown make up (Bill Murray in Quick Change)

I personally have never felt as comfortable;

Does Bob Dylan really do corporate gigs in silicon valley these days?
Bob Dylan is really hot and a brilliant writer. Love the way he speaks and sings. He has a lazy droll. I think it's really sexy.
Bob Dylan live is great. I don't think anyone looks hot in clown makeup though. Not even Heath Ledger.

Not to spam your blog, but I wanted to let everyone know that Monday is national wear-your-keffiyeh day.
I have a keffiyeh.
Is it a symbol of peace?
There's a lot of confusion on this issue. I bought mine because I liked the pattern. However, if it has negative connotations I'd like to know.

Another great cover
MUSE.....Feeling good
The keffiyeh is a traditional Arab scarf, worn all over the Arab world. It's become known in recent decades as a symbol of solidarity with the Palestinians, though.
It's also a symbol of "I've just been on a gap-year" in England :D

Often worn in combo with denim mini skirt and uggs
How did you know I bought it in the GAP?

Elizabeth I thought it was a symbol of peace but others do not.
Yes, unfortunately it's become "fashionable." I haven't seen it at the Gap, though...not here in the U.S..

If justice leads to peace, as they could call it a symbol of peace..
I don't get how some of you consider Dylan hot, I should sit and read his words though to see if inspired. I just got Paul Simon "The Spirit of the Saint" I am absolutely mad over "obvious child" now that drum beat makes me hot!
Oh yeah and what is in Istanble...Istanbul....????? Or whatever nomad sounding place you just got back from...

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Errmm...Barb...Istanbul is the capital of Turkey - historically Byzantium, later Constantinople ("founded" by Constantine the Great).

The ***keffiyeh*** was really fashionable in my "youth"...everybody had one...including myself :)
Now guess how old I am LOL.

PS: Perception is a funny thing - when I took a glance at the pic above (I have to say that I took a glance, I didn't really look closely), the thing on the pic looked like some alien-embryo...or some alien-skull...I swear, that's what I saw...after having taken a CLOSER look, I realized that this is Bob Dylan wearing a hat......maybe it's the fricking blue color...
My Irish ex-colleague Dan would kill me if he read this LOL...he's a die-hard Bob Dylan fan.
I like his "classical pieces" don't have to be "sexy" in order to be an accomplished singer-song-writer...all you have to do is write good music - and that he does!
I know I have heard of Istanbul...that is me being funny and once again no one getting it but me...alas again I am alone in my humor in my head in my world. But seriously you never answered what is in Istanbul, I am curious what would send someone there? Turkey....the government sounds scary if you had better watch your ass because you deffinately don't want to go to jail there kind of place.
correction of typo for previous

"as if you had better watch your ass because you deffinately don't want to go to jail there in that kind of place"

I am anal retentive!
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