Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Darkness On The Edge of (movie) Town

I have a Golden Globes story and I'm just going to cut to the chase: I met Bruce Springsteen. He was three feet from me at the CAA party and I went "Oh my God, it's Springsteen. Quick!" Like, "Quick, get a butterfly net made out of manifest destiny!" Or "Quick, pass me the chloroform we use for highways jammed with broken heroes on last chance power drives". But really, what do you do in the face of your hero? Obviously, you ask 'Wrestler' director, Darren Aronofsky, "Darren, shall I make Springsteen look at my Springsteen tattoo?" And obviously Darren says "Emma, I don't really think you should do that". So you say, "Okay" and march up over to tap Bruce on the shoulder and say "Hey!" (lips stained with red lipstick and misguided confidence) "I have a Bruce tattoo!" "Oh!" demurs Bruce, baffled, polite, increasingly Christ-like with age, "Where is it?" "Here!" you announce, and force The Boss to hold your ankle. "Oh..." responds The Boss, for how can he respond? "It's quite small," (he seems relieved), "but it's very nice." "Thanks!" you beam, and "Bye!"

So, I don't feel I blew my big chance to meet Bruce Springsteen because, in fairness, I didn't so much "meet" him, as confuse him. That's something different entirely

In conclusion: I haven't drunk alcohol since I was nineteen.

You should have worn that fricking 'T-shirt' LOL :)

I don't get your PS...I know the song though...

Hope you had a good time there...
I like how you asked Darren first and did the opposite.
Oh my God I'm so jealous.
I was impressed by him at the Globes. He seemed really supportive to Micky Rourke. That to me spoke volumes of the man. Important I think to have shown him your tat. Sets you apart from all the other fans.
**but also terrifying - fuck, what if the world is fair?**

Well, sometimes, just sometimes the "underdog" wins...I remember how that "indie" movie 'Once' won an Acedemy Award for best song...or 'Roberto Benigni' for "Life is Beautiful" - I'm not a huge fan of these award shows, but sometimes they offer you divine moments of beauty.

Your mother's take is quite interesting...jealousy is a very silly emotion I find...but pretty widespread.

PS...is this blog entry getting longer and longer haha :-)
I don't know if the world is fair. I'd like to think it is. But I don't believe that we all get what we deserve.
The world isn't fair. It's sick...

"Falling Slowly" is a gorgeous song! I have a 'writing' playlist and it's on it.
I don't think the world is fair...generally...if the world WAS fair, people wouldn't starve to death or die of ridiculous infections because they cannot afford antibiotics that costs 1,50 €...everybody would have access to clean water, education and health care...the innocent wouldn't die in wars that are waged by irresponsible politicians and the arms-industry.
So, no, the world isn't fair...but maybe that's why it is so very beautiful when the underdog wins, when justice is being done, or when the 'old lady' who lives in that shabby appartment wins 100 000 Pounds in the lottery...
**"Falling Slowly" is a gorgeous song!**

Absolutely...the whole album is...and so is "the Swell Season"...divine, simply DIVINE!
I did a similar thing once upon a time, meeting my favorite hockey player. I made him look at my canadian pride tattoo.

Apparently I should not drink either.

I love that you have a Bruce tattoo and that Bruce now knows you have a Bruce tattoo.
you all sound like beauty queens.
i do apologize for observation.
Okay, HOW did I miss this blog, when you mention In Bruges? I don't know. I'm here now :-P

Good for you for meeting Bruce! Moments like that never fail to make fun memories, do they :-P

I'm happy for In Bruges as well. But I guess I kinda already gave that away in, like, the vast majority of my online activity. Perhaps people did have that problem you mum mentioned with In Bruges. I'd never even looked at it that way. I suppose the indeniability of Martin's genius is quite confronting for the snobby cultural establishment!
Beauty queens?

Mmm ... I was in a pageant once, didn't win, fuckers weren't judging by the beauty that's within. I can't see the ladies here, but I'm very sure they've got gorgeous minds.
***you all sound like beauty queens.***

Are you being ironic, anon :)
I once had the opportunity to meet my favorite actor. I was so freakin nervous that when he shook my hand and introduced himself(like he needed an introduction) I forgot my name for at least a minute. I had it all planned out, what I was gonna say, but when I actually got to talk to him my usually sharp brain turned to pure moosh. I know he is as human as I am. Isn't it funny how admiring someone from afar for so long can turn you into a giddy school girl all over again. Congrats on fulfilling a dream! Sounds like fun...
no, far from ironic. i just don`t understand your beet of the world.
This is interesting.

What's your beet of the world then?
ironic again, :) no, sorry,
i ment "bit of your world",:)

my world is far more to the ground, so....my language is phonetic and a LARGE book just fell on my foot
your *beet* of the world. - interesting freudian slip perhaps...

Your *world is far more to the ground* - aha...hence the *beet*...now I get it...NOT...

A LARGE book...wow...that must hurt!
PS: What do you mean by "phonetic"...isn't every SPOKEN language phonetic?
spoken and written.
no, it wasn`t
frojd /in my language/, ;).

don`t be offended, we are just different
Frojd...Freud...interesting...what is your language - a phonetic written language...the only language that comes to my mind is Turkish...

I'm a linguist...now I'm intrigued.

BTW, I don't feel offended at all :)
30 sounds = 30 letters
and lots of combinations,:)

Do you use the *cyrillic* alphabeth?
me personally, yes,although i favour "latinca"- latin, :),as most people in my part of the country, which is north,:).
That's very interesting! How close is Serbian to Russian...phonetically?
totaly, not close nor remote close.
Spaciba y spokoinoi nochi!(terrible spelling...I know!)
hvala i Vama, lepi Vam snovi :)

/in serbian/

thank YOU! :)
have a nice dreams!
You too :)
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