Friday, February 06, 2009


The Pumps Don't Work 'Cos The Vandals Took The Handles

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sorry, I made a big fat typo

I like how Dylan thinks :-P

After tracking it back I see "No Direction Home" is by Scorsese. That's awesome. I'm gonna find this and rent it.
Emma I love Bob Dylan, I think he's a great writer. This clip is like a small glimpse into the way his mind works. I bet he wrote like that, moving words around, listening to the rhythm they make.
Welcome baaaaack ;-)

I can't believe how "modern" this looks...and they say that rap was invented in the 80s...:)
The man carries his own light. Album covers, documentary, maybe it's just the distortive hair fuzz, but this video does seem to create a hue that you could just climb into.
A hue that you just climb into: definately, but maybe it's hash?
He sounds a little high to me.
Just read book I think you'll like.

The clothes on their backs by Linda Grant.

Also just found great red lipstick, would be super on you, Channel Passion Rouge. It's a
1950's red classic and timeless.

Bleesing from Eire.
Blessings from Eire
Ha! I'm stalking you Cleo :)

Stone your a nice stalker. Had a stalker in college. He had pics of me on his bedroom walls and heard my voice in super markets. Fun, fun.Poor guy he's in hospital now.
Sweet Jesus...that's NOT, I'm a nice stalker :)
Emma, I thought you'd closed your blog. Why are you back?
Why can't you give it a FUCKING rest...get a life.
Why are you back?
You're not welcome here.

It's her blog she can return whenever she wants. If you don't like, then please do us all a favour, stop reading and posting.

Please move on.
Surely that's not what "Anonymous" means to convey? I know I'm thrilled that Emma is back!
And if it is... I have a few choice words myself!!
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