Thursday, February 19, 2009


Watched this six times yesterday until I had to make a late night run to Amoeba records...

...where I said "Excuse me, Sir, do you happen to have any albums by Jah Wobble?" three times before they understood me.

I love Sinead I was her biggest fan for ages. Isn't she so beautiful and what a great song. A powerful voice from a tiny lady. But then a lot of powerful women are tiny. Don't you think?

Did you notice the two foot blue and white Virign Mary at the end? Must travel everywhere with her.xx

Going to Wicklow to walk the beach. Blue sky with cotton ball clouds enticing me.
Mmm ... definitely pulls a mellow vibe over you. Never heard of them, but enjoyed the song very much.
I'm actually back to play the song again!

Cleo, take me with you ... please.
**Amoeba records**

Hahaha...LOL...I suppose that's a REAL name, isn't it?! *amoebe records* :-) Nice mental image...

Sinead O'Connor has a fantastic voice...I absolutely LOVE her version of "Nothing compares to you"...

Great song btw!!!

Wicklow beach...sounds fab! *Green with envy*, shuddering, freezing my butt's still so cold here....brrrrr.
Drove downtown in the rain, 9:30 on a Tuesday night, just to check out the late night record shop...

Why isn't Jah Wobble on itunes?

I just had to last 2 weeks while my ipod was being restored to its former glory. Absolutely painful.
I am so feelin' this. This sound took me back to being in high school, early 90's, right here in my own living room.

-Heather F.

(Partial Lyrics of: Visions of You)

"I'm not numb that anymore
not longer filled with hate and pain
no longer tranched in shame
I'm not numb that anymore
now I own the key to the door

I love visions of you endlessly"
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