Monday, March 30, 2009


Baby Toupee

This is me with my Grandpa. I am the one on the right.

It looks like I have something very important in my hand and am worried he might nick it. It also looks like I am wearing a baby toupee. It's real.

I don't feel bad for babies with no hair, unless they have a little ribbon velcro'd to their head, and then I feel really terrible for them. Not having something isn't a bad thing, but drawing attention to what it is you don't have, as if hopeful things might change - it's always a mistake.

Instead of attaching a velcro bow, mothers should boast "Look at my baby's fabulously shaped skull!" And we should do that to ourselves, in life, as well.

"Look at my baby's fabulously shaped skull!"

LMAO! My kind of humor!

You're cute! Seriously, my ovaries are twitching (again).

My son and daughter both had mounds of hair at birth. Your post reminds me of this woman who stopped me in a store to say, "Look at all the hair on this boy! We've got all these bald headed girls running around and this boy has all this hair!!"
i really like that picture! the line of eye contact is just blazing its way from you to him haha.
***Seriously, my ovaries are twitching (again).***


Jeeezzz...what a hairdo! Baby toupees - LOL...
it's me...answer me!
It's you...I see...hello *you* :)
Emma, what a wise looking baby you were. An old soul.So cute.

Babies are so innocent, full of potential.

Thanks for sharing you Grand Dad with us.
For the bald babies:
My goodness, there is something for toupees...alrighty.
So that's it! I was one of those babies with a pink bow taped to my bald head and I've spent forever after pretending that I have what I don't have. I should pay you instead of my therapist! :)

You and Grandpa are so cute. Babies always look rightly suspicious coming into this world, don't they?
you were pregnant of "Col" and when he knew that you had not kept the baby he left you?no?

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You were a cute baby, and wow what a head of hair! I was a bald baby, and I still hear it from my cousins to this day :-P somehow our disagreements always close with the comment "Well you were bald when you were born." LOL
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