Thursday, March 19, 2009



Anger/joy/love/loss? Odetta feels it so hard, and it thrills me every time I listen.

Damn. That was felt in the bone.
That is heart and soul in sound. Thanks for sharing!
To which I respond

I'd recommend as another Youtube way of finding the song at the back of your mind.
Ha! Gotcha ;)

Nice to see some life on your blog!

Cheers! :-)
That much passion is both a gift and curse.
Emma you said that Odetta thrills you everytime you listen.

This song "Scorn not his simplicity" written by Phil Coulter:

A song written about his Downs Syndrome son, never fails to make me cry. This is my favourite version performed by Luke Kelly.
(Who incidently also had a son with Downs).

Although Sinead OConnor and Phil Coulter also have versions.

I warn you have tissues ready.
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