Sunday, March 29, 2009


Yeah Yeah Yeahs

I haven't done any journalism in a very long time. The screen writing has taken over, which has been nice timing since I've come to feel increasingly uncomfortable with the lack of control a journalist has over the headline, editing and selling of a story. An interview is a set up I feel especially wary of, even though it's always been my stronger suit. There just isn't a way to make the situation organic. Either it's awkward because you're strangers or it's awkward because you feel like instant friends. All that said, when The Guardian asked me to interview The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, I caved. I really love this band and see something truly original in Karen O. The story is in today (link above). This is probably my favourite song and video they've done, and, odd though it may seem, I see, in the passion and strangeness, a link back to the Odetta clip I posted:

Love this band !
Glad to read again your work.
Two great point your work and this band !
Welcome back !
Did you buy the lego brooch in the end?

And thank you for the heads up- I've just booked their Sunday night London show as my birthday present to myself.

Also- welcome back x
***Did you buy the lego brooch in the end?***

A Lego brooch?!?!? I didn't know they made brooches....but alas...little did I know LOL :)
Great interview Emma.
Great song! I am going to check out the interview next. I can imagine what you say about interviews; about it being awkward either way. I've never actually interviewed (well, once, and it sucked LOL) but I've seen plenty of interviews and you can tell from some of the interviewers that it can be pretty difficult, too.
When I was a journalist, an editor once inserted a fictional person into a news article I wrote. What happened was she accidentally rewrote a couple of sentences and mismatched first and last names in the process. Of course the story came out under my name and most readers have no clue that stories are edited or even rewritten by people other than the one with the byline. This was a major reason I left journalism.
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