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I was going through a file and found this letter from the U.K, in response to a newspaper essay I'd written. Not doing a lot to dispel stereotypes of people who compose angry letters to newspapers, it is printed entirely in red ink. All punctuation as is, I know it may as well read "Dear Emma, I am insane. Please ignore me." But I'm reprinting it here as I meditate on how hate is often brushed aside thanks to the place it frequently meets, on the cultural venn diagram, with comedy (see also Bill O'Reilly, James Dobson, Pat Buchanan etc). Here's the fan mail:

"Emma Forrest. A Jew girl.

“The reason I’m a Journalist lies in the last syllable”
May we suggest it also lies in your evil, but evil wicked crafty eyes, dear God, those eyes, and the nose? What a wonderful Yiddish snout is it, well done Jew girl, and your dreadful arrogance? So awfully Jewish, so awfully Jewish dear?

But darling, why have you failed to mention the most IMPORTANT group of Jews, we have in mind, the fantastic FIRST HUNDRED, never mind about the other thousands of swindling Jews and TRAITORS, just take the first hundred of course the Jews invented EVERYTHING, so clever, so awfully clever, they even invented Communism didn’t they darling?

The Jews, the vile evil Jews, never, but never has such a “race” existed on this earth, hated and loathed, the cause of all the worlds problems, all the world wars and strife, the filth on our T.V screens, our films, the wicked filthy hated Jews. Can you wonder darling that this country is slowly awakening to the true state of our country under the complete domination of just 300,000 thousand Jews? Who own this country LOCK, STOCK and Barrel, utterly control the so much that we stupid Gentiles thought belonged to them, the wicked shocking power of the “Chosen Ones” in this country called ENGLAND far, but far outweighs even their powers in the U.S.A. BUT, darling, your days are numbered, rest assured of the fact, THEY ARE NUMBERED, THAT’S A FACT.

The wrath and anger of so many Gentiles at the insidious power of the Jews in this country is daily becoming more obvious, what a slang the “Labour” Party recently when we were informed of the “Backers” of that party, what a shock, even for the wicked Jews, this was too much, too much for MILLIONS of Gentiles to stomach, what a shock, and what a NATIONAL bloody disgrace. The “ALL TIME GREATS” dear? You vile Jewish cow, we’ll give you all time greats before very long, just watch, just wait, we are simply sick and tired of the fucking Jews running OUR COUNTRY, WE WILL SMASH YOUR POWER and domination over ENGLAND. SMASH IT and send you Jews where you came from. Eastern Europe. OR the Illegal state of Israel and let the Arabs slit your vile filthy throats."

(note from Emma: It's interesting how anti-semites will never fail, in one breath, to chastise Jews for their inherent capitalist money greed, and...the simultaneous invention of Communism.)

**those eyes**

"[...] I loved the old man. He had never wronged me. He had never given me insult. For his gold I had no desire. I think it was his eye! yes, it was this! He had the eye of a vulture - a pale blue eye with a film over it. [...] I made up my mind to take the life of the old man, and thus rid myself of the eye forever. [...] For it was not the old man who vexed me but his Evil Eye. You fancy me mad [...] have I told you that what you mistake for madness is but over acuteness of the senses?"

[E. A. Poe "The Tell-Tale Heart"]

I have to say that the person who wrote this "letter" reminds me of the narrator of the "Tell-Tale Heart" by Poe.
Don't you think that there are incredible parallels between the two - Poe's narrator and the author of that letter?
And since one can perfectly see that the protagonist of Poe's short story suffers from some type of pathological (paranoid) schizophrenia (over acuteness of the senses, the hearing of voices, paranoid phantasies etc.), it is safe to assume that the writer of that letter you received obviously has similar problems.

What. The. Hell?

And in red ink? As creepy and nervous as I am, something like that would totally screw with my head. I'm well aware of the crazies and how there's one on every corner, in every neighborhood, and potentially right next door, but still, it's gross!
Oh my God. A letter like that should be reported to the police. To have such hatred for someone you haven't even meet is truly insane. I wouldn't be able to keep a letter like that. Scary.

Anyone who hates others that much,must be full of self hatred. They can't be happy. Can they?
Is this the leaflet you parodied in Namedropper?

I suppose it puts most internet crazy in perspective when you have batshit-posted red ink crazy to compare it with.
**Anyone who hates others that much,must be full of self hatred.**

Or simply pathologically insane...
That's a very good point, Cleo. There must be a lot of self hatred in someone who hates so much. They must have leftovers of anger and disappointment from their own lives, to take it out on others. I think people who are at peace with themselves are less likely to judge other people.

I'd be scared shitless. It's such a waste of time, all that vile hate. It doesn't go anywhere. It doesn't cure the sick or feed the hungry or even inspire anyone else. It just sits and boils until it's all out. What a waste.

People who judge like that just hit a nerve with me. People who are foolish enough to approach the world in such a shallow manner, and presume that religion, race, skin colour, even just heritage, say anything about the goodness of a person. It's so blind and foolish. People like that miss out, they really do, because it is so much about the essence of individuals, not about groups. Like I said on Stone's blog... when the blind finally see again, they'll be blinded again by rage over everything they've missed. A waste. This person could have spent their time doing something actually productive and helpful in the world, but they chose to be an ass. Too bad!
holy fuck
I don't think that the person who wrote this simply is a hateful individual, I think that person is mentally ill.
This was apparently written in response to something you wrote, and it is obviously written rather hastily in a rambling and vague manner, thus I doubt that this person is a danger to you and is most likely the type of person who likes to opinionate in writing rather than cause trouble in actual life.

I have to admit I was amused that this person imagines that 300,000 jews in Britain have more power than 5-6 million in the US; not sure how she/he came up with that; apparently it has something to do with something that happened with the Labour Party, don't know what that was about.
I don't think that the person who wrote this simply is a hateful individual, I think that person is mentally ill.

Agreed with above comment, but where do the lines blur from mental/hateful behaviour? Bit like a Hitler question time scenario!
This vile piece does not deserve to be gracing Emma's lovely blog though.

I believe Hitler was pretty insane, mentally disturbed, with strong sociopathic tendencies, paired with a highly intense narcistic personality disorder.
Most (if not all) dictators are people who are mentally ill, on a pathological level.
A mental disease isn't a problem per se...only if it remains undetected, untreated it may (in some cases) become a major problem - not only for the sufferer, but also for the community.
Hitler most definitely suffered from parkinson's and parkinson's is known to cause "mental" problems - especially in the last stages, that are very similar to Alsheimer's.
This is from 'Lettres Persanes' by Montesquieu:

La religion juive est un vieux tronc qui a produit deux branches qui on couvert toute la terre, je veux dire le mahométisme, et le christianisme: ou plutôt, c'est une mère qui a engendré deux filles qui l'ont accablée de mille plaies: car, en fait de religion, les plus proches sont les plus grandes ennemies. Mais, quelque mauvais traitements qu'elle en ait reçu, elle ne laisse pas de se glorifier de les avoir mises au monde: elle se sert de l'une et de l'autre, pour embrasser le monde entier, tandis que, d'un autre côté, sa vieillesse vénérable embrasse tous les temps... pour l'aimer et l'observer [la religion], il n'est pas nécessaire de haïr et de persécuter ceux qui ne l'observent pas.

The Jewish religion is an aged tree-trunk which has covered the earth with the two branches that it has produced - Islam and Christianity; or rather, it is a mother who has given birth to two daughters, and they have inflicted a thousand wounds on her; for where religion is concerned, those most closely related are the greatest enemies. But despite the bad treatment she has had from them, she still prides herself on having brought them forth. Through them, she embraces the whole world; and similarly her venerable age embraces the whole of time... in order to love and conform to one's religion it is not necessary to hate and persecute those who do not conform to it.

That last sentence is not supposed to be a condemnation. Whoever wrote that shit above is undeniably a shithead. However, it is better to cease, in any way possible, hate in this world and ignore and move on. Peace out, Emma!
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