Sunday, May 24, 2009


Knowing Your Place

I have a favourite book store in any city I've spent more than five minutes in (sidebar: the teenage country singer, Taylor Swift, has my heart, though I've yet to hear any of her music, after she said "If I've talked to you for more than five minutes, I've probably gone on to write a song about you".)
Anyway, my favourite book store in L.A, from long before I ever lived here, has always been 'Book Soup'. Each time I published a novel I'd ask my editor, "Can I do a reading at Book Soup?" And they'd always say they were totally booked up, because reading there is simply so prestigious. When 'Damage Control' came out, the store finally came to ME and asked ME to read there - this is ten years after I started publishing, after going to see Martin Amis read there, Jennifer Belle, Rachel Resnick, all these novelists I so admire. I got to the door, a-quiver with nerves, and was greeted with this sign:

I read on a Thursday, he the night before. I laughed so hard, I had - to invoke Kate Winslet at the Golden Globes - "gather" before I could speak. Hey, at least on book shelves, my name is generally after Ford Maddox Ford.

Did they alphabetize by the first name or something like that? Perhaps a "Knight Rider" fan held tight to the letter box? You should of been on top, no?
Akilah you dirty thing.
Who'd want to be on top of David Hasselhoff? Definately not Emma.
Cleo, you blew my cover. I wanted people to think me a quiet, normal gal who walks a straight line.
Book Soup is my favorite, too. Seems like everytime I decide to walk Sunset for a little exercise in the middle of the day, I end up in there. Wish there was more cardio benefit in book browsing. Hope to get to see you read there one of these days!
David Hasselhoff? Really? LOL. I agree with Akilah - a Knight Rider fan is probably responsible :-P
I'm intrigued- if Emma's not been back here for a few weeks- could it be that the script is on the home stretch?
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It would be great to see a screenplay by Emma credit! Hope that comes soon. xo
Hope so! Would love to see that, too! Emma whatever you're up to, hope all is well :-)
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