Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Happy News

1.This is really nice company to be in.

2.I love Richard Linklater. Then he told me he loved the film 'Melvin and Howard'. Now I love him more!

3.I love Scott Rudin. I would pet his beard all day long if he would let me, but then I would not get much writing done and people might be less intimidated by him.

4.Despite what's rumoured here, the script I wrote is about an amalgamation of break-ups. Predominately, my break-up with Colin Powell.

5.The woman who road trips to the inauguration of Obama was dumped by her fiance on election day, and, like many of us, feels inspired (and distressed by) the perfect union of Barack and Michelle.

6.Kat Dennings is my dream actress because it looks - as Billy Wilder said of Marilyn Monroe - like if you touched the screen, you would feel warm flesh.

7.Ella Webber took that picture of me. It was fun, even though I specifically became a writer so I would never, ever have to get my picture taken.

Well let me be the first blogger-type to congratulate you, and it's great to know that I'll be able to take my girlfriends to see something of yours this year.

I'll be scouring for London tickets :)

And it's a fantastic picture.

PS It's true I could never date someone with the same name as my father. Alas Mr Powell....
That can not be the truth.
Why you want to harm Colin?

First think, then write!
"Despite what's rumoured here, the script's actually about an amalgamation of break-ups."

Oh calm down, people. Have you even read the script? If you haven't, which I'm positive no one around here has, one would have to wait and see if they can even identify a snippet of that particular fella being represented in an entire screenplay before losing their shit and caressing his poster while lighting candles. Who said it would be harmful? Relationships have the good and the bad, the positive and the negative -- no one actually knows what the hell is going on here. Jeez, people sure love the dramatics!!
If it is true that they write about Colin .... they are so wrong and dishonest, and a snake.
Very reasonable response MAS

Anonymous- wouldn't it be fairer to insult somebody's work after you've seen it?
Thank you. Indeed, if you re-read that Variety story, they assume what they're assuming, as people will want to. But I certainly don't say that. Having written it, I know the reality: it's about how sad all break-ups feel in the shadow of Barack and Michelle's seemingly perfect union. I can't stop people deciding what's in the film before they've seen it. Just like 'The Last Temptation of Christ'! Let's make that official: 'Liars (A-E)' is 'The Last Temptation of Christ' of road trip dramedies. Back to the cool thing: I get to share brain space with Richard Linklater. It's been amazing.
I find the premise of the story quite interesting and artistic.

Thanks for elaborating on the Variety piece. I'm very happy to hear this announcement, Emma! As you know well enough, I'm looking forward to reading and viewing this film (and the future projects of course). Counting down the months ...
Congratulations on being one of Variety’s Screenwriters to Watch! Are you papering a room in your house with the article? Or is that too corny? I would be. It’s a gorgeous page in the issue - different from the others, I thought. I’ll be wishing you great success and watching for the movie. I’m so happy for you. Best of luck. Kai xo
I can fully accept that your script is not based on any such alliance with Colin Farrell, but what I don't understand is why you would even allow Variety to print such a claim that you wrote the script three days after your connection to Colin Farrell publicly ended?! I'm sorry, but you can't blame people for not taking you as seriously as you'd perhaps hoped for with this script, in view of the fact you were clearly happy for Mr Farrell's name to be associated within the article written.
I understand you can't write about him openly . You have to drop the hint and let people "assume". Can't you even write his name in your blog? Colin Powell is fun!!
Yeah congrats, on using a so called famous person's name! If you want to call him a famous person, his 15 min. have been long gone. Who is using who??? An actor who isn't first actor any more or a mediocre writer who is desperate for fame? Which one is it? There was never a relationship, yeah maybe a relationship of "convenience" I know this individual for years and yeah he might be a liar but get over lady! amalagation?? Get a life! Get back to throwing that's what you are good at. Dislike everything about you, what you are all about, your ideas, your persona. Get over it and stop using others for your benifit!!
that's exactly the reason why "famous people" don't have blogs. It's seems like You pissed off Farrell's fans and I feel for You.
People should lighten up :-)

Congrats Emma! I can't wait to read more about it and eventually see it.
Oh please... a woman of Emma's influence would clearly have some degree of control over what is considered permissible to go to print. For such a claim to have even been made in the first place, such a revelation would have to have come from a reliable source, would it not?! I'm all for self-promotion, but if you're going use your past connection to sell yourself at least have the balls to admit to it, rather than hiding behind some false pretence of innocence!

This doesn't make me a Farrell die-hard fan, just merely one individual who cannot help but ponder the bigger question, or should that be one's moral intention portrayed in the name of artisitc, and literate license?
This comment has been removed by the author.
Awe and Respect, are two different things? Or are they... surely it depends on your subject matter? I do agree it's always more useful to write about what you know, but once again the limitation of privacy, or the blatant choice of not knowing any such limit, is I suppose down to a personal degree of how you wish to treat yourself, and of course how other's will treat you. As for the all important part any actual audience might play in the tangled arena of written life, is how shall I say... within it's own realm of deciding and deserved purpose?!

And yes, those pictures of Emma are indeed both stunning, and unique... and would give Wonder Woman a run for her money any day ;-)
I enjoy the “company” of both people considered involved here. Both!!

The average person knows how articles are written and edited. They want to entice the reader and draw the reader in. That’s common knowledge! From reading the short Variety piece and reading Emma’s clarifications here, I see no purpose for the petty back and forth and assumptions before even reading the screenplay or viewing the film itself because at the end of the day, no one knows how the portrayal will play out. People seem to be assuming it’ll be negative, just pulling random guesses from the clouds about the plot. Did anyone even notice these words: “the script I wrote is about an amalgamation of break-ups”? If you don’t have a copy of this script, where’s the argument?

I understand fans care and are passionate and all that jazz. Shit, goodness knows I can be, too! But from what I’ve read and what’s written here, this negativity is a pure waste of good energy. This is just my opinion I’m rightly entitled to, but since I’m on this blog, I guess after reading it certain people will call me a bitch (or an ass kisser or a George Bush fan or a kitten killer) when I simply don’t see the need for all the b.s. when the damn thing hasn’t even been filmed yet.

It’s fucking summer time, a sun-shining, happy time; let’s kill the negativity for a minute. Damn!
As much as I'm enjoying witnessing the internet rage cliches of poor spelling, the hash-making of "it's" versus "its" and all under the brave title of anonymity- is it time to put post-approval back on this blog?

Picking up on what the other articles have mentioned about the character going in search of a trail of stuff from a amalagation (sic) of exes- I'm optimistic for a film with shades of High Fidelity about it.

Purely for the sake of a scene where Bruce Springsteen strums on a guitar in the corner and sends the protagonist on their relationship quest.
All writers take inspiration from their lives. They use their experiences to fuel their imagination.
Colin who? Congrats on a successful expression of your 1st Amendment rights, Emma…may Scott’s production soar!
I would like to comment further on this, but the fact you've removed someone's comment from your blog... concerns me. Why? Does it matter if someone makes a comment that isn't altogether there, or in a world of their own?! It's their opinion, no matter what the state of their personal position, or disposition, surely they are still worthy of having their say are they not?

I really thought this was an open blog, not a personal government run blog whereby one will decide who get's to publish what kind of content is acceptable to one's own optinion?! Emma, to what purpose?

Incidentally, I am looking forward to seeing the outcome of your script/film, and wish you a subjective and according success ;-)
Gemini, if you look you will see that the comment was removed by the actual author of the comment, not by me. All best..E
What is it please?

Scott, too?
Now all want to enrich with Colin?
Now they all want to make a name?
Now all are against him?

You're so full of bad character!
Don't tell me not to live, just sit and putter
Life's candy and the sun's a ball of butter
Don't bring around a cloud to rain on my parade
Don't tell me not to fly, I simply got to
If someone takes a spill, it's me and not you

I'll march my band out, I'll beat my drum
And if I'm fanned out, your turn at bat, sir
At least I didn't fake it, hat, sir
I guess I didn't make it
But whether I'm the rose of sheer perfection
A freckle on the nose of life's complexion
The Cinderella or the shine apple of its eye
I gotta fly once, I gotta try once,
Only can die once, right, sir?
Ooh, life is juicy, juicy and you see,
I gotta have my bite, sir.
Get ready for me love, 'cause I'm a "comer"
I simply gotta march, my heart's a drummer
Don't bring around the cloud to rain on my parade,

I'm gonna live and live NOW!
Get what I want, I know how!
One roll for the whole shebang!
One throw that bell will go clang,
Eye on the target and wham,
One shot, one gun shot and bam!
Hey, Mr. Naysayer, here I am ...

I'll march my band out, I will beat my drum,
And if I'm fanned out, your turn at bat, sir,
At least I didn't fake it, hat, sir,
I guess I didn't make it
Get ready for me love, 'cause I'm a "comer"
I simply gotta march, my heart's a drummer
Nobody, no, nobody, is gonna rain on my parade!
"...and sends the protagonist on their relationship quest."

Cathuuxmax (sic) grammar police didn't you mean to say "sends the protagonist on HER relationship quest" ...

That is what you meant, right?
Oh dear, if this is the case then I apologise. Although I'm not entirely sure to whom I'm sending my acknowledgement of error too... Emma (herself), or E (anonymous)?

Also, to whomever did post 'that' comment, why did you feel the need to remove it?
No wonder men find it so easy they divide us and conquer. Women just cannot support each other. We allow stupid fantasies and jealousy to cloud our intellect. Free speech is allowed, for all. Even for the lovely Colin's ex.
I know I've left out a comma and don't care.
Free speech indeed! I'm all for that, but consider your platform, and indeed the tone of how you wish the context of your speech to be viewed, particulary within the public arena. Incidentally, does being someone's ex, or not, really make a difference in the world of actual talent... unless of course the tabloid domain is your main focus of orientation in the first place?

Also here's a thought; those of you so eager to jump on the basis that Emma's latest offering is somehow being overshadowed by the Colin Farrell connection, can I just say this, is it not working out just wonderfully well... intended or not?!

Come on people, stop being so... dare I say it; Fan-like over-protective hangers on, for a woman who clearly knows not only her own mind, but indeed her own market. I cannot help but feel Ms Forrest must be feeling pretty smug over this rediculicious comment page, that sadly we all keep coming back for more. Who is using who I wonder? ; - )

And besides is that not what blogging is all about anyway xxx
To Hanns Scharff reborn,
I deleted the comment because I felt like it, kapeesh?

Anyyyyyyway- funny how the vultures are preying again, makes you wonder if they've been circling in the shadows all this time. Odder is the fact that they assume that this script will be a negative representation of Colin, (subconscious media brainwashing seeping through there?) for do you guys deep down believe he's that much of a womanising bastard that his past loves/lays will only speak negatively of him?

I'm sure CF really appreciates you guys 'having his back' but as far as I'm concerned you lot can carry on dreaming about becoming his knight in shining armour.

Oh man, or woman, or whatever, don't really give a shit. But I have just read your comment, and words fail me?! What more can I say, apart from... fuck, are you really missing the point that much?

Clearly ;-)
"Come on people, stop being so... dare I say it; Fan-like over-protective hangers on..."

If that ain't the pot calling the kettle black! Follow your own advice and stop trying to protect a man who needs no "protection" whatsoever.
Again to Emma, standing ovation for being recognized as a screenwriter to watch. That’s no small thing and I’m bugged that it's getting lost here. Let me remind everyone. Emma was chosen by Variety (not a tabloid, a serious entertainment business magazine) as one of ten up and coming writers in the film and TV industry. Big deal, that is! There should be a whole lot more You Go Girl happening here.

I’ve been away from the internet for 30+ days and for me this is like being an alcoholic at happy hour. It’s time for this bad girl to leave the party for her own good, but a few little comments before I go.

… wish you a subjective and according success ;-) [Head spinning!]

To Hanns Scharff reborn,
I deleted the comment because I felt like it, kapeesh? [I have a huge girl crush on Sardine.]

fuck, are you really missing the point that much? [I can say with certainty that there is absolutely no point.]

Congratulations Emma. Wishing you continued success and happiness. ß My point.

Kai xo
Gemini, it’s very clear Emma’s talent is big enough to thrive without manipulating her relationships, the media or the thinking public. Her literary success LONG before CF certainly proves it, and will go on LONG after him. I’ve never seen a blog that is so consistently, and intentionally, malicious. I agree with Kai….congrats again, Emma, on this latest success!
The pot calling the kettle black! Where have people got off on the idea I am slating Emma Forrest as far as being writer is concerned, for the record I rather admire her success. Her young break into the literacy world was indeed impressive, if not marginally privileged. However, that said Emma has continued to prove her ability as a writer.

My POINT, or bone of contention was over Emma's seemingly encouraged as opposed to any discouragement within the Variety article regarding how she wrote her script three day's after her break-up with CF, and then had the audacity to claim other people were assuming what they wanted too?!

Variety Quote:
"I'm from the Nora Ephron school," she confesses. "Everything is copy. Every guy I get involved with for five minutes knows I'm going to write about him."

She wrote "Liars (A-E)" this spring in just three days following the breakup of her yearlong relationship with actor Colin Farrell. A couple of weeks later, the script was sold to Scott Rudin and Miramax. Richard Linklater is attached to direct, and shooting is slated for fall.

"It came like a fever dream. I was afraid to stop writing because I was so afraid to lose it," she recounts.

Emma Quote:
Indeed, if you re-read that Variety story, they assume what they're assuming, as people will want to. But I certainly don't say that. Having written it, I know the reality: it's about how sad all break-ups feel in the shadow of Barack and Michelle's seemingly perfect union.

So are we the public, or EF fans, or CF fans... whatever, but are we to assume that Adam Dawtrey just decided on his own to add in this useful piece of information? Why did we need to know she wrote it three days after a break-up of an ex... because the script is about how we deal with break-ups? Sorry but that is just such a lame excuse if ever there was one! The saying: Bad publicity is better than no publicity comes to mind ; - ) x
Gemini, what are you hoping to gain from continiously coming here? You've stated your point and how you feel about the subject but I don't understand why you're sticking around to reiterate the same tired (imho) bullshit you're spouting.

Dull. Dull. Dull.
I really didn’t feel like talking and wanted to sit back and watch this love fest play out, but I just couldn’t resist lightening up the black mood on this blog. I understand both sides of the argument but it’s just getting a bit absurd around here. Who am I? I’ll say up front that I am a fan of Colin. I will say that right now and I hope that doesn’t bother Emma or any of Emma’s fans here that I have come to say my piece after reading things here and on the internet. This is only my opinion and it may anger people. Remember, opinions are like assholes - everyone’s got one. The problem arises once people start talking out their ass. Here goes:

Enough already with beating a dead horse, Gemini. They get it already. You’re incredibly worried about the man you worship being made to look negative in a film you haven’t read the script for and haven’t seen yet. You don’t like what Emma had to add here in this posting to clarify. They get it! You need to realize that Emma can write whatever the hell she wants and about whomever the hell she wants. If something isn’t right, something isn’t fair, it’s up to the man himself to complain or sue her curly, little pants off. They understand you wish it were you, but Colin isn’t interested in blog stalkers at this moment it seems. I was joking there so relax and it’s clear you don’t dream about him at night and you are strictly concerned about the mention of his name because on your planet exes can’t talk about one another unless they get approval from the fans. It’s clear you don’t think the extra information Emma gives us here is good enough for you to step away from her blog, so you keep coming back to the blog of his ex thinking he may give you a gold star for “calling out Emma’s evil little plan to latch on to his shooting star.” It’s clear you feel she’s using him to advance in life.

But who cares if she wrote it after a breakup? She can talk about Colin all she wants. That’s something that is and always will be a part of her life, whether it be fond memories or bad ones. If Emma gets interviews about her cats, the story will start off “The ex-girlfriend of actor Colin Farrell…” or they will make sure to stick his name in there somewhere even if his name never came up. That’s how it works in this world and every-fucking-body knows this. Five years from now she will be called his ex. There’s no getting around that and that’s pretty much common sense. When she was interviewed and stated that when the story came to her, it was after her breakup, that is within her fucking rights to say so! You walk around here like mentioning his name is not allowed. She’s not allowed to say his name? They don’t need you to post up quotes because they all totally get it and no one gives a shit about the good or bad publicity angle. If he inspired something, he inspired something. What of it?! What’s sad is what he inspired you to do with your “precious” time, more on that later.
“I cannot help but feel Ms Forrest must be feeling pretty smug over this rediculicious comment page, that sadly we all keep coming back for more.”
Then why do you keep coming back, Gemini? The others here know why they come here. It’s a public blog, yes, but your motivations for being on the blog of his ex consistently are getting tired and worn. I may be completely off the mark but I truly think you keep coming back because you are overly obsessed with anything Farrell-related. I think if he tripped and fell you’d think Emma had a voodoo doll and twisted the doll’s legs at the precise moment he hit the pavement instead of noticing his mangy boot was the culprit.

Why do I think this way? Take a look at this clusterfuck of blogs you’ve created. I think whatever ratty rug you were standing on has pretty much been swept out from under you. Colin doesn’t have to worry about this film like you think he does, but he does need to worry about you. What are you? 30? 40? 50? What adult sits at home and makes over a dozen mediocre blogs about one person? That’s what isn’t normal. Emma mentioning her ex is normal, and within her rights whether you like it or not, but that creepy blog line up screams I Have Nothing Better To Do With Myself. It screams Colin Needs To Increase His Entourage Tenfold. It screams Colin Needs To Update His Restraining Order And Put My Name Above The Current Name Listed There Because Clearly I’m Worse. It screams Rubbish. It screams Creepy. It screams the exact reason you are on his ex-girlfriends blog continuously rambling on because other’s opinion differs from the way you read into it. No one cares about the mention of Colin’s name nearly as much as you do because you have serious issues when it comes to the man in question. You can’t seem to understand the article and Emma’s accompanying words on her blog to add on to said article because you have your mind closed off. Your blogs prove that you will always think with a one track mind. Just take a long look at all those hideous, ridiculous blogs. That is not within normal parameters for a fan, nor is hanging out on the blog of the ex. It looks like something a 13 year old would do to their walls for their favorite singing group. Exaggerate much, Gemini? Have you been giving photo credit to the agencies who took those pictures? And to think you called the people here “Fan-like over-protective hangers ons“! Are you fucking kidding me with this bullshit? Who are you to talk when you’ve created that chaos?
Gemini's Myriad of Blogs
Emma can talk about Colin till we’re blue in the face if she so chooses, and you can rightly disagree with anyone other than you uttering his name. But so far, I’ve only seen it in this story so what’s the big fucking deal exactly? What’s the point of returning here over and over (I may be wrong but possibly with your other little minions)? Have you even searched the movie title and read further about the plot? Maybe you should. It may help in your sad quest for Farrell Enlightenment.

Why don’t you trot off after the other ex who may write a tell all that could potentially be harmful and truly invasive instead of bitching about this film you clearly know little about? Trying to beat us over the head with your tired little ‘Emma is using Colin’s name to advance in her career’ has been heard loud and clear. We understand, Obsessed Little Colin Fan, that you wish you dated him. We get it. We heard you and we will take you ideas into consideration. Will knowing we will take your ideas into consideration be enough for you to move on? Perhaps move on to that mess of juvenile blogs you’ve created and make it nice and pretty so if Farrell ever stumbles upon it, he won’t erupt into nervous hives? I’m not knocking you because it’s cool to have more than one blog about someone you love to pieces, but usually one blog is about the person and the other is a photo blog. If Disney had a blog and wanted to make one for Mickey, one for Minnie, one for Donald Duck and so on, I’d totally get it. That “thing” you’ve been working on is scary to say the least. Who does that?! What kind of person does that and then appears on the ex-girlfriends blog over and over trying very poorly to preach?! Now that I really look at it closely, it’s actually making me nervous for the guy. Take care knowing that if he has a problem, he can handle his own business. Scamper away and go back to investigating and harassing his latest lady, which seems to be the new hobby for grown women - waste time online stalking people fanatically. Trust me, Sardine, he does not appreciate this sort of ‘having his back.’
This comment has been removed by the author.
'Trust me, Sardine, he does not appreciate this sort of ‘having his back.’ -

Apologies, but my sarcasm never translates admirably via the interweb. x
Sardine, actually the sarcasm did translate well and that's why I wanted to repeat it in my own comment. I understood you perfectly well when you first said it.
As I wrote before (in a previously deleted post) it’s the hoary old cliché of - all good writers have to write about what they know. Swayed by the spectacle - Gemini would probably think it perfectly acceptable for Colin to write his truths, but god forbid a lesser mortal like Emma gave her version of truths(!!).

I also urge you to re-read the article Gemini and take note that Emma never once personally mentioned your holiness. That is all. Thank euw.
Sunday.Come to this blog and laugh my head off. The only person here that makes sense is Kai. Saying if you like her praise her achievement. But people come here to fight among themselves. Lisa, attacking a rightfull gemini with stupid remarks on her blogging won't make Emma look better.Kiss and tell is what it is.
Did you read what you wrote?
-the story will start off “The ex-girlfriend of actor Colin Farrell… Five years from now she will be called his ex.
My God, you are saying Emma won't ever do anyone or anything more relevant than 'have once been in bed with Cols. Sorry Emma.
Please post here more often Lisa.
Anoymous at 1:41pm, it's very obvious why you would make that sort of ridiculous interpretation. I was making the point that his name will easily come up in this business because all Hollywood ever does is bring up the past over and over, even if you don't bring them up. Stupid remarks on Gemini's blogging? Let me guess, you helped her create the 18 or so blogs? I spoke about her blogs to ask her who is she to talk about the people here and calling them hanger ons when she is one herself. Only being relevant because of him? Are you fucking smoking something? Have you ever read Emma's bio? Have you seen her body of work?
I love how you took this info below:

"If Emma gets interviews about her cats, the story will start off “The ex-girlfriend of actor Colin Farrell…” or they will make sure to stick his name in there somewhere even if his name never came up. That’s how it works in this world and every-fucking-body knows this. Five years from now she will be called his ex. There’s no getting around that and that’s pretty much common sense."

and turned it into this:

"Did you read what you wrote?
-the story will start off “The ex-girlfriend of actor Colin Farrell… Five years from now she will be called his ex." My God, you are saying Emma won't ever do anyone or anything more relevant than 'have once been in bed with Cols. Sorry Emma.

And in the same breath saying you agree with Kai and then apologizing to Emma about your horrible statement. I can see right though you.
There comes a point in time when people have to calm down, then agree to disagree. Like I said way up above somewhere in all of this, it's summer time which is usually a happy time. Head outdoors and away from the computer screens for a change and take a refreshing walk in the park. Anything else but this tit for tat.

Can we all just agree to disagree?

Again, congrats to you on the new project, Emma.
Well fuck me... I'm back for more! And I have to say it's all down to the lovely Lisa's comments. How truly revealing you are, and your warmheartedness as a human being just simply blew me away! Not only were you most eager to relish in your own personal righteous crusade, but when voicing your views regarding my comment's, well I must say, your delivery can only be described as someone close to seeking malicious pleasure! How wonderfully infantile of you... for a moment I almost thought it was a personal insult... which I'm sure was not your purpose at all?!

But here is the funny thing, you banged on so much about your many grievances, mostly directed at myself... that strangely, I began to tire of you! So I guess we already both have something in common... our dislike of people not getting to the point!

Also, what if I do have a Colin Farrell blog? Contrary to your mature disillusionment, I'm sorry to say no I do not lie in my bed at night dreaming of him, because I have other things to occupy my time ; - ) The same as neither do I go on a cyber-vigilante hunt for anyone who dares to say anything other than desirable, pink and fluffy things about CF... hell even I take the piss out of him on my own blog... it's called humour!

Still, you'll all be pleased to know that I won't be making anymore comments upon this topic. However, that doesn't necessarily mean I may not feel the need sometime in the future to comment on a different topic (providing of course I have not already been blacklisted from the EF blog for eternity?!). Oh, and beleive it or not, but I do sincerely wish your feline heronine all the very best with her latest project x
Perhaps I speak for a few others posting on this blog as well, but I am evolved enough to be a huge fan of both Colin Farrell AND Emma Forrest. They are two people, not one, each with their own stellar accomplishments that should be acknowledged and appreciated by those with finer palates. That they had a relationship at all is frankly none of our business except that media keeps cramming it in our faces to sell copy.

Should we condemn CF for giving a truly inspirational performance in Ondine that might well have come from his relationship with Emma at the time? Likewise, should we condemn Emma for finding literary inspiration in her relationships? Real life experiences are the fodder for inspiration, whether acting or writing. And wisdom knows that.

So what if Colin’s love for Emma inspired his Ondine performance? So what if Emma’s heartache inspired a successful screenplay? Aren’t those the victories these very talented people have earned? So what…and who are we to judge? Yet that is exactly what’s going on on this ridiculous blog. Judging, condemning, and judging some more. Enough already!
Well I'm sure if he wins an award for Ondine, he won't thank you then either. Just doesn't sound like he found you all that inspiring in your 30 minute relationship.
Well ....i think it is quite simple.If the article in Variety is wrong ,then why doesn't Miss Forest ask them to correct it?
That's the best news yet, Gem! Bon voyage! Wonder if the return will be under yet another name change?
“A source said: ‘Colin is a changed man. He has knocked the boozing on the head and is enjoying life in a completely different way. Emma has been a steadying influence and they have hit it off big time…’” (

“COLIN FARRELL and his new love EMMA FORREST are the picture of bliss…FARRELL appeared relaxed and happy in the company of new girlfriend EMMA FORREST.” (

WOW! Sounds like a helluva lot of inspiration to me. Emma girl, you are to be admired for accomplishing THAT much in 30 minutes! LOLOLOL What a woman!!!
If I'm going to have an ex-boyfriend on my "permanent record", which I am, no matter what I do or don't write, say or don't say, I'm relieved it's a man I admire as much as him. A kiss and tell will never happen and it wouldn't sell anyway, because "He was so devoted and clever and funny and cooked me great meals and my parents loved him" is not what people want to hear. I have said and will continue to say that 'Liars (A-E)' is a fictional screenplay that draws from the memory of several break-ups. The title is from a Dexys Midnight Runners song I always loved. I can't stop what people make up, and a good lesson passed down from that person I so admire, is you ought not waste energy trying. The end.
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus...mind-boggling...(hope spelling is right, Cathusmax *grins*).

Go hug someone, is *so fucking short* and *so fucking beautiful* :-)
No time to waste...

Emma, Emma, Emma...well done!

And Kai...could you please please email me...the email I have isn't working anymore, it keeps bouncing back.
I would need your addy again (you know what for :-)
Very exciting news; Linklater and Rudin...dream team! Like the pic - very LA!
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I`m happy and lucky, I began to get income with the help of this company,
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Lisa, brilliant. Thank you!

Emma, I don't care where you draw your inspiration from just as long as you keep drawing it from somewhere. Thank you!
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