Sunday, August 02, 2009


Best email I've ever been sent:

Richard Burton is now following you on Twitter!

-blushes and looks away-

Realise that mid blog-clusterfuck isn't the best time to ask- but what handle do you have on Twitter?
oh and congratulations :)
Sexy Richie. How nice of him to join you. From heaven,I'm sure.Why no other place would suit.

Richard Burton and Anthony Hopkins are both Port Talbot men. Don't know if you guys have ever been but it's not the prettiest place I've ever seen. Mind you I can forgive it's grittiness when you think of the men it produces.Must be something in the water.
Do you Tweet much, Emma? Going to have to keep my eyes open for the little blue bird.
I don't know how to tweet! I just signed up to follow my dad...emma
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