Sunday, August 16, 2009


I'm Not Spoiled

Have I posted this before? Excuse me if I have. Oh, it breaks my heart every single time. You can draw a line from this scene in 'Splendour in The Grass' to Halle Berry's "Can you make me feel good?" breakdown in 'Monster's Ball'. Sex and grief can be such a thin line sometimes, for women. Lust and longing can act as portals or trap doors to craziness. The God Almodovar does it a lot. I really love films that go there ('Don't Look Now', 'Betty Blue', 'Head-On', 'Sex and Lucia', the original 'Cat People', 'Lovers Of the Arctic Circle'). If I had to assign a film for the imaginary film club I just invented, I'd say try and get hold of 'Lovers Of The Arctic Circle'. It's so beautiful. Try it, and tell me what you think.

You heard me! I've found I can watch Lovers of the Arctic Circle instantly on Netflix and will soon. I've seen and loved Betty Blue and Head-On, which I'm sure either you or Stone recommended. I would've missed Naked if not for Sardine. Seems your fantasy film club is actually quite real - least for me it is. Thanks for reposting, Emma. Kai xo
Mrs Richey! Such saaaaad brown eyes.

It's interesting that you pick up on it being a thin line for women- sure there are stories about guys being obsessed but I can't think of one where sex and longing aren't ultimately fortifying for men.

And yes, my Lovefilm subscriptions are getting substantially longer
Looks like my movie queue needs some more additions.
Emma, thank you for Lovers of the Arctic Circle. I loved everything about it - ideas about really big stuff like fate, passion and family relationships are used magically. I love that time and location in this movie feel like characters as important to the story as any of the others. The friend I watched with found the moving around in time thing distracting but it didn’t bother me, seemed right and very much like portals or trap doors. This one will stay with me. Kai xo

p.s. I’d never heard of the older version of Cat People. Looking forward to that one!
Is it in your new book that you say, it's like learning other people have read Catcher in the Rye other than you? - I've just had the shock of learning you have also seen Sex and Lucia :)
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