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In a recent interview, I said (let me tell you what I actually said, not what ran) "If I talk to you for more than five minutes, I'm probably going to write about you" - an interpolation of a Taylor Swift quote (viva Nashville!) I mentioned here before. And it's true: my friends, family and lovers, not to mention the mailman, the bikini waxer, and this construction worker who once yelled something crazy at me on 8th avenue, are all in my writing in some form or another. Men become women, women become men, 40 year olds become wise beyond their years 16 year olds - there's even one short story where I combined an ex-boyfriend with a cat. The point is, everything I write is real experience strained through wild imagination. For me, that's inspiration. Stephen King, on the other hand, gave a lecture some years ago where he said every single thing he writes comes from one thought: "Wouldn't it be funny if...?" all write - poets, authors, comics, part-time bloggers. What drives you?

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Anything can inspire me, even someone I met very briefly at a party if something about them stands out or moves me for whatever little reason.

It seems anger has been driving me lately and I don't know if that's necessarily a good thing or a bad thing. Meh, I ask myself, "What's up with all the angst, Miss Grouch?" I guess my "fuel" is a bit off because I'm a bit off. =D
Inspiration (ie: what you see around you) can pique the senses to some degree, but what you need already before you get to that wonderful place of thought (I’m sure) is already a good ‘ole strong dose of that hopeless narcissism installed within. Preciousness is universal; and it makes the world go around after all.

It’s the sense of shame that drives people to do well, and if you really don’t care about the repercussions of ‘shame’ then you don’t really get inspired by much and end up turning into an insipid bowl of still water (much like my good self).
Un-inspired beyond all colours, frustrated beyond bile and bored out of my god forsaken mind x90210.
Inspiration for me is when I’m aroused enough to be interested. If the psychological senses have been awakened regardless of whether they are happy or sad, good or bad, right or wrong, the imagination will be freed to discover all manner of possibilities within the realms of one’s own mind, and indeed another’s.
Isn't it perfectly normal to write about the things/people that you know?!
What else could you possibly write about...everything is intertextual...everything has been said before...every tale has already been told.
You just re-tell the tale in your words, filtered through your mental and emotional simple as that.
Whatever I write (at least semi-useful stuff) has something to do with me or the things/people/stories that surround me.
IMO there are two kinds of inspiration. The kind, as Emma says, that comes from real life experiences. In that case, if anyone finds me inspiring enough to write about, I consider that a compliment, and an even higher one to be morphed with a cat! LOL

The other kind of inspiration is ephemeral, floating through the universe, just waiting for the mind/spirit/psyche to grab onto it. Some call it divine, others call it “revelation.” I like to think of it as something akin to a spider on its one silver thread of web wafting on life’s breezes. Who gets it, and who doesn’t, is the real revelation!
So if inspiration comes from our interactions with others, doesn’t that make it all the more important to be consciously careful what WE contribute to another’s experience just as much as what we take from it?
Me thinks inspiration is overrated. Someone’s “inspiration” has given us a plethora of reality television programming (for one thing) that is sucking away every ounce of humanity we have left. Be careful taking inspiration from the world we live in. Be inspired, but check yourself. Make sure what you take in is worthy of going out.
Sardine how is your book coming along?

Stephen King wrote Carrie based on a memory of a girl bullied cos she got her period in the shower after gym class.

I write cos it's stops me talking, it helps me relax and I just have to. I write about people I meet and talk to everyday. I love other peoples stories.

But I have to admit that when a story enters my head it leaves my mouth in a more entertaining form. With perhaps a few bells and whistles. I'm from the Oscar Wilde School "never let the truth get in the way of a good story". It's my truth you see.
Do reality TV programmes really have anything to do with *inspiration* (and/or creativity)...
I think it has a LOT more to do with the big is the inspiration for that kind of crap.
You needn't be inspired by anything but takes a clever business-man/woman to realize that people are actually willing to put up with that kind of stuff...

These days it seems, people work so hard and the *hamster wheel* is spinning so fast that they are too tired when they come home in order to digest anything with substance - let alone *do* something creative.

TV is our *SOMA*...1984, here we come.

PS...'greed' isn't inspiration.
**and I just have to**

I know what you mean...I guess 'creativity' isn't a choice.

**It's my truth you see**

It always is, isn't it...I guess we had that topic a while we perceive art and what we make of it.
I believe we all kind of live in our own little "universe-bubble"...we only know our own reality.

Sardine is writing a book...interesting.
I just write whatever comes into my head (sometimes nothing) - I think the words just roll accross conciousness insearch of some kind of a narrative. I guess I am pretty detatched so I often disassociate from events I experience and start to write them out in my mind as funny little things to tell others. I read the article you posted about your screenplay - its so impressive - then by strange co-incidence CF was filming outside my house this morning and I thought of you.
Rather late than never :-)

When I write, I write things off my chest, off my shoulders, out of my head. Which is why I think my writing is more dramatic than my behaviour. I get rid of toxics and fogs by writing things down. In that process, I can only hope that they carry a message that people can relate to, enjoy, learn from, or at the very least laugh at.

Sometimes when I write, it's even just to enlarge an emotion to feel it better, more intensely, understand it better - and work through it by sharing it. And sometimes exposing your thoughts, verbally and as focused as you can, is like getting on stage and getting that adrenaline rush. Or sometimes it's a hope for validation. Or sometimes it's that dance you only dare to do when you're drunk - on paper nobody can see your face while you share your feelings. When I blog about personal emotions, I feel like I can explore and maybe even wallow a little without pushing it on anyone. People have a choice.

It's a way to explore and release I guess. To me, anyway. Even when writing fiction or poetry. It's exploring and releasing.
I love writing, though I am not good at it, but it is a release. Mine is from imagination. Hysterical about Stephen King's "Wouldn't it be funny if..?" I don't think any of his books have ever made me laugh... ;)

Everyone has their own weird sense of humor..
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