Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Los Angeles, of an evening...

...courtesy Seamus McGarvey, modern film's great cinematographer.

As regular readers of this blog are aware, Perry is a female feline, but used to be a fella. I believe this is the most lovingly Seamus has photographed a trans-sexual, since he shot The Soloist.

Perry - hang in there kitty. You are gorgeous. Better than the rest. Much better. We know how hard it is to be real in this world. Be real.
I seriously need to crawl into your head with a bucket of popcorn and hang out for awhile. Perhaps take a few pictures of my surroundings.
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Perry is gorgeous. My cat, Beastie Boy, almost became female last year, didn't know that could happen, until he had those medical problems.
YOU ARE HERE- In the here and now.
Seamus McGarvey is a sweet heart. I love the "I Want Love" video with sexy Robert Downey junior.

He must like mirrors or the way they reflect light. There were some lovely shots in Atonement of Keira Knightley's reflection in a mirror. Also beautiful scene of her in white swim suit diving into a calm lake. The light was amazing.

I think he's the guy who said a film set was sacred. And he's Irish. Northern I know, but I'm claiming half of him at least.
Oh ... how I've always wanted a portrait of me just like this ... gorgeous eyes straight in your face, no self-conscious grinning or sulking, nose up, one paw reaching out, the other relaxed but holding back a bit.Comfortable in her own skin. She says: I'm me -just me, deal with it.


Oh ... me to have the grace and confidence of a cat. Someday, I pray.
Emma, I have a question ... do you write what you write at the computer on a keyboard or do you write with a pen or pencil on paper with your own hand and then type that which you've written on to the computer?
I love Perry. He is unable to fail at cuteness it seems!
Was there a post after this? I thought so. I came back with pen and paper to jot down the imaginary film club titles and now they're gone. I remember Artic something but that's all. The clip from Splendor in the Grass felt true. I'm not spoiled, I think. What movies did you suggest with that? I'd love to know.
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