Thursday, October 08, 2009


Citizen's Arrest

How's this for a bizarre London story (like a lot of things in London, it starts boring and ends up interesting): so, earlier this year I adapted as a screenplay a novel called 'Gifted' by Nikita Lalwani (pick up the book, it's great). I've never met Nikita, but tonight, after I got back from dance class, I had an email from her saying she thought she'd perhaps stood behind me on the escalator going down into Bond Street tube, wasn't sure, and had taken this cell snap to send me. Yes, that's me, wearing my favourite jeans! After the pic was taken, I got on the tube, went to learn how to rhumba, and then bus'd home in my workout gear. It's only when I got Nikita's photo, I realized I'd left my jeans at the dance studio. BUT NO! They say they are not there! Oh where, oh where are you, favourite jeans? Was your soul stolen by being photographed, and you vapourized in sorrow? Did you hail a cab and hit the town whilst I was dancing my ass off? Are you wandering the tunnels of the London underground like a denim ghost? Or are you in a cafe, having a cup of tea and reading Nikita's novel? If you see my jeans - Chip and Pepper, medium fade, size 25, petite (I'm not ashamed), I authorize you to make a citizen's arrest.

Aww..I hope you find your jeans! I wish they had dance classes here where I live! The closest ones are an hour away! Have you moved back to London?
How meet someone per chance in a city like *London*...what are the odds?!

Your jeans...I would opt for the wandering the tunnels scenario! They'll probably cooperate with the zombies from 28 Days Later (as far as I know they're still there...hiding ;)
Stone- London is the land of meet cutes,according to Richard Curtis anyways.

Emma- check the fourth plinth at trafalgar square. If your clothes have absconded and are in neeed of attention that's where I'd imagine going.

If after two years I can consider myself a Londoner, I hope this post has reached the point of becoming interesting
@ Cathusmax...had to look up meet cute, but I guess you (and R. Cutis) are right!
London does play an important role in my life - wouldn't do what I do for a living without London...must be something in the air...
Emma, I think that you raised a very lively/independant pair of jeans who took it upon temself to go for a stroll and see te world.
Eventually after time on thier own they will return to you. They will be a little worn, a few smugges but never the less glad to be home. Like mother like jeans.
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Cutting a fine figure as per...
Post made me smile.
Bonjour je suis française,je suis tombé sur une vidéo de vous sur youtube!

Tu tape "Emma Forrest sur youtube vous dansiez très bien,tenue orientale!!

vous faites du stand up?

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