Monday, January 04, 2010


Animal Planet

I was in quite a bad mood, this morning, until I met a dog called 'Bear' at the coffee shop (apologies for wearing a denim tuxedo - I had just rolled out of bed.)

Not to mention the time I've been spending across the street, with a rabbit named 'Napoleon'.

Trying to get in on the good times, Perry brought me this dead lizard:

Um. Thank you?

Denim tuxedo...LOL :-)

The dead lizard looks...ermmm...cute ;)
The denim tuxedo. Otherwise known as the Guido Tuxedo.

They are all beauties. And Bear is aptly named!
Joselle - I see, from your blog, you are a vegan. If you wanted to do a guest blog about how to make that work (I think a lot of people do want to do it, and they fail. I lasted six months) send it to me at I'd be very interested in publishing it here.
I love the paw on the knee gesture. He reminds me of my old girl Lulu (an Akita/Husky mix). She died a few years ago and I still can't bring myself to get another dog. Some tips on going Vegan would be great. So far, I'm off all meat except for fish.
your new hair looks gorgeous emma
Do you mean the reddish bits? They are a naturally occurring result of a honey blonde disaster (yes, I said honey blonde, like Mariah). I actually became a colour I can only describe as BRIGHT BEIGE. This is the best we could do to get it back to natural...But thank you!
Hey Em
Hair looks fab really shiny. Love the dog really beautiful.He looks really friendly.
Oh dear, I really use really a lot, don't I? New years resolution stop using really. Really, I really will, just you wait and see.
Really Cleo LOL ;)))
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