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I know it's awfully late in life for me to realize I have an opinion about Mariah Carey. I always thought she was very pretty and had an opera singer's range. I'd even heard a sweet story from a journalist friend who had interviewed her on the phone and broken down in tears because her Grandma had died that the end of the interview, the journalist's doorbell rang and it was a delivery of condolence flowers from Mariah (my friend never knew how she arranged it all while they were still speaking). But her music never engaged - too clean, none of Mary J Blige's grit or sorrow - so she's never really registered much for me. Then I saw 'Precious' and, I swear, as good as everybody is in that film, she is extraordinarily good and really, really does deserve a best supporting actress nod. "I like Mariah Carey", I decided, and then I remembered that she's a grown-up woman who named her album 'Charmbracelet' and I upgraded my opinion to "I love her". The deal was sealed by this mention in the NY Times review of her December 31st concert:

"The holiday happens when Mariah Carey says it happens, which is why, on Thursday night at Madison Square Garden, the New Year's Eve countdown was a minute after the fact".

Not that I need any validation for liking what I like in life, I must say that this little post made me happy. The first pop star I was ever obsessed was Mariah in the seventh grade. I still have a soft spot for her...even though at times it "hasn't been cool" to like her. --
And I thought the diva Mariah was the weakest part of Precious (which broke my heart). She seemed to me to be screaming look at me without the makeup, how terribly cool am I to do this thing. Now I wonder if my perception doesn't come from how tired I am of being force fed the celebrity culture. She wears white kittens, doesn't she?
Good Lord, no. She merely pets white kittens to relieve stress.
Are you sure?? I'm pretty sure I saw her wearing the kittens. It grabbed me and hasn't let go. Either way, there are so many great performances in Precious. Did you cry? I cried.
Emma, I'd love to hear more from you about The White Ribbon. Two friends saw it together and have been arguing for days about its meaning. I haven't seen it yet. But it offended one of my gals to the point where she's almost hysterical over it. Kai xo
I loathed it with a violent passion. If it were a book, I would have thrown it across the room when I'd finished it!
Or finished it off with a flame thrower LOL

Sorry...going slightly mad over my paper...due real soon LOL
I love anything that makes me want to throw something. I guess I'll have to see it. Thanks. Kai xo
I haven't seen Precious but definately will. The actress who plays Monique is meant to be brill. I believe she hasn't acted before, in theatre or film.

Christoph Hans should win Golden Globe.
Monique is a known comedienne and actress playing the mother. Gabourey Sidibe plays the title character and is the new actress. I've read the book and couldn't put it down or fight the tears. I can't wait to see it myself.
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