Friday, January 08, 2010


Oh G-d, I love her.

I don't even think it's drunken-ness. It's awesomeness.

Glad for her, she seems really great on this movie, I've read the book, doesn't see the movie yet.

I love to see her so happy and smiling and also so emotional !

Her emancipation ;)

I really love her.
I'm going to see Precious tonight. The reviews are really good so I hope I'm not disappointed.

Her speech seems genuine. A little self indulgent perhaps? It's funny cos he seems embarrased by her enthuasism, like when your mum's giving it loads on the dance floor at a family wedding. You love them and see the funny side of it but wish it would stop.
Not getting Mariah at all. Never have. But Gabby! I'm loving this woman with all my heart.

Kai xo
Thanks for the article, Kai.
"I am the world."
Gabby Sidibe
Yeah, she's brilliant (Gabby). I read the book. It's such a huge achievement (not just in subject but also stylistically), and I think it was written about a decade ago.
Agreed. That first paragraph was something else! I could not put it down and I know some didn't like tha style of writing the way Precious spoke, but I feel that made it stand out from the rest. Forget the norm!
...that style of writing...
I'm reading Tess Gerritsen Keeping the Dead at the moment but as soon as I've finished I'll get the book Akilah. Can't wait to see that style of writing. (Note not a re*lly insight).
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