Monday, February 15, 2010


Movie quest with BF Sarah:

S: "So. What shall we do?"
E: "We could go see The Wolfman?"
S: "I am NOT spending money on The Wolfman!"
E: "What if The Wolfman buys the drinks?"
E: "Man, I wish 'Shutter Island' had opened..."

*Shutter Island* has opened at the case you wanna see it, Berlin is very much worth a trip :-)
Stone- I was in Berlin last week staying with my old housemate from uni- they've all scarpered this week to rent their flats out for the Berlinale.

Staying with a transgender guy, not really meeting anyone who wasn't deeply embedded in the S & M subculture, and going to a club called Pork. Yep, I'm definitely coming back when the ice has melted :D
LMAO....yep...Berlin ist eine Reise wert!!!
Berlin has such an amazing of the most interesting places I've ever been to, honestly! Pre- and post- Berlin Wall :)
Did you read the book? Dennis Lehane shamelessly exposes himself as a Richey Edwards fan passing off such lines as 'An imitation of dignity' (amongst others) as his own. :p

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