Thursday, February 25, 2010



Isn't he other worldly? And Helen Mirren looks pretty when she cries. As I recall, since she's meant to be Baryshnikov's dance partner in this movie, but Helen Mirren can't actually dance, the character is like "Oh, I don't feel like dancing, I just got my period. Um, my toe hurts. I'ma just sit on the floor and weep if that's cool?"

Oh my Gawd...I love this, love this, love this...made the entire (quite cheesy) film all worth while...Baryshnikov is pure genius...athletic, yet subtle...poetry in motion.
Gawd how I loved him in that movie...
I'd prefer to see a decent film made on Nijinksy. Every aspect of his life, even after death was like something straight out of fiction. x
Mikhail is something else. If I could even dance at 10% of his caliber, I'd be content. Fantasy-like, I could dance my troubles away.

(Remember his character on Sex and the City?)
Baryshnikov is great. Helen Mirren is weird in this clip. I didn't see the movie.

btw, I'm holding a poetry contest for my ezine, at It's for Best Humor or Light Verse poem.
Oh how I wish I could dance, dance and paint. Not at the same time, could get messy.
Why not??? You're sooooo boring Cleo ;)))
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