Tuesday, March 30, 2010


KBR are going to hell


You *****,
let Colin, Alicja, James and Henry T. alone!
Seriously? Really? You read an article about a woman fighting to prosecute her rapists and that's your contribution to the discussion? What an insult - to the victim and to yourself.
Who gets those sorts of injuries from consensual sex? What the hell is wrong with people? How can anyone even...? I'm at a loss for words! In this day and age! To hound the victim with excuses! I can't believe this is going on. It's just plain awful and makes me sick to my stomach. Sick!

As for the jackass 'Anonymous' poster above, I'd delete their comment. It's really the stupidest thing I have ever seen! To put a nonsensical comment they clearly pulled out of their ass on an article about rape is beyond ridiculous. What a waste of skin!
Really frightening, we haven't moved on at all. Apparently we're merely here to service men, be at their beck and call. A few drinks is consent?? Since when?
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A round of applause for Anonymous' fantastic contribution to not only this blog, but surely also to society. Beautiful! I bet you save lives.

Srsly. If you haven't built a treehouse yet, I'd suggest you do, so you can disappear in your own little world and not bother people who DO live on planet earth and who have done you ZERO wrong. Your behaviour has no place in reality.

Sorry, not very civilized of me, but it was just too easy.

Continue :-P
Okay, so to return to normality: Jezebel is the one site I read every day without fail.
**A round of applause for Anonymous' fantastic contribution to not only this blog, but surely also to society. Beautiful! I bet you save lives.*

LOL LOL LOL...brill :)))

Now...on to the important things in life :-)
Even on the very slim chance that everything that KBR say in that press release has validity and that this chick was crazy, it's still absolutely abhorrent that they would put this up on their corporate website as a "factual" document, as if it were a stockholder update or a product recall.

KBR was on a highway to hell long before this story broke. as tragic as their behavior is it doesn't surprise me in the least.
Came across your blog while searching for my favourite nail polish Cherries in the Snow and ended up reading this. It's very depressing and quite unbeliveable really. Anyway will have to read your book now. P.S who are Alicja Colin and Hennry ?
What's your idea, Emma?

You worked in London. Besides, you know many photographers.

Let Colin and his family alone!
Anon, why don't you leave Emma alone and go get a life? Asshole!
Emma, I saw your good news on THE COVER of Daily Variety today. Congratulations! Best of luck with the new project. xo
Can you fill me in Kai? :-)
Congrats, Em! My daughter is a fan of Miranda Cosgrove. The project topic is something so many can relate to as well.
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