Tuesday, June 15, 2010


New book - cover art

I see it's up there on the internet, so I'll share it with you here: the cover of my memoir. Bloomsbury don't publish in the UK until January, I think the next month by Knopf in Canada and in the U.S. April, by Other Press. I am thrilled with the Bloomsbury art work, really, really happy. Thanks to the designer, Holly MacDonald, and photographer, Sarah Moon.

Looks brilliant!!! Absolutely fab!!!
Do you know the video clip of the song "Where the Wild Roses Grow" by K. Minogue and Nick Cave...
it's got something kinda morbid - which I like...and so does this cover...
LOVE it!!!
Amazing compliment, I love Nick Cave and that song/vid.
Looks gorgeous, and I can definitely see the similarity to Where the Wild Roses Grow! Can't wait to read it, roll on Jan...
Wow- you've truly made my afternoon.

Stone's right it's a beautiful cover.

Bloomsbury's saying something about a film to go with it??

So chuffed- I wasn't expecting another book for a while while you were doing so much with the screenwriting.
By the way this is my favourite painting- La Jeune Martyre by Paul Delaroche:

Cathusmax where di you see that link about the film? That's not meant to be out there yet!!
Ah yep, I'm having that changed, that's all old info from when the book sold. As you know Linklater's version of 'Liars' collapsed with Miramax. And Joe Wright was attached to the book after we spent all last year working together on 'Indian Summer', but he's gone off to do something else and a very exciting new deal is in place with someone else - to be announced soon...
Richard Linklater, Joe Wright- this is a pretty high excitment bar you're setting so far.
Love that painting Cathusmax!
Em, Em, Em...I can see ya at the Oscars...
And the nominees for best original script are... :)

It's an AMAZING cover! Looking forward to reading it as well!!!
Hold the phone! April for me? What the hell?! January I'll be in London kicking down the door of a bookstore. ;-)

Many, many congrats on the new book, Em. Wonderful news and that cover is badass.
This has truly made my day. You're one of my favorite authors so word of a new book is always a joy. Word of a memoir with a stunning cover is even better.

Congratulations! Can't wait to read it.
oh cool. i've been waiting excitedly since cherries in the snow, sadie was so scarily easy to identify with...that book taught me a lot
I'm so pleased everyone likes the cover, its been a wonderful project to work on. Its a huge compliment that it reminds people of Nick Cave because when I started designing it I couldn't get this scene from 'Romance and Cigarettes' out of my head, which features his 'Little Water Song'. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epGYQwG1yyM
The photograph is by Sarah Moon who takes the most beautiful pictures so I'm thrilled she let us use it.
I can't begin to describe how incredible and moving the book is, you're all gonna love it!
Brilliant vid...Í LOVE Kate Winslet, she's absolutely brill.

It's a wonderful cover, seriously, truly unique...funny that you had this film in mind - I've never seen it. Just the vid with K. Minogue.
Just one question, Holly, how different does the original photograph look? E.g. did you make it look blurry or was this the desired effect from the get-go?
I'm asking this because I'm an avid photographer :)

PS...I'm really looking forward to reading the book :)
My sister loves Sam Moon's photography. They really are beautiful.

Are the butterflies supposed to be like the flutter of the voice in your head? Do you want them to fly away once they are out of the water?
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