Saturday, August 14, 2010



It's a lovely Saturday in L.A, and I've been listening to Donny Hathaway on repeat. I've had a great run of good luck with my reading list lately (I must especially recommend 'Role Models' by John Waters, 'In Youth Is Pleasure' by Denton Welch and now 'Furious Love' by Sam Kashner and Nancy Schoenberger.) The only thing really troubling me this weekend is how to make my cat, Perry, lose weight. A few months back we moved house and he went from being an outdoor cat to an indoor fella. I cannot for the life of me engage him in play and he is starting to look like Orson Welles. Any tips?

have you heard the elliott smith cover of this song? it's so beautiful and quiet.
it's nice to see you're back as well! re the cat i'm not sure what you can do except be grateful that he's not losing weight, it's so terrible how cats stop eating when they are sad or sick. they're just like us...
Make him earn his food...hide it somewhere or place it strategically in the garden etc.
Make him run or climb in order to get a "Leckerli" ;) Worked for my friend's dog over the week-end ;)
Sounds like he's happy, I'd leave him be. You could limit his food intake but I suspect he'd just eat Junior's food instead.
No, Cleo, make'em earn it, chase him around LOL ;)
I just don't know how healthy over-weight is for a cat...maybe you cannot just leave him be. Maybe ask a vet if it's a problem at all...
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