Saturday, November 13, 2010

My great friend, Shannon Nelson, has just started the blog lalasmom, where she chronicles life after her daughter's suicide.

Shannon (or Shaye) is just as brilliant and funny as Lena (or Lala) was. Lena hung herself a year ago, aged nineteen, and there are, of course, no words...and yet Shaye is doing her best to find them. Though she's not a "professional", she's without question a natural. Go and have a read. I think you'll be as taken with Shaye's writing as I am.

I tried to find your friends blog but couldn't. Do you have the url, please?
Eerie timing. One of my closest friends lost her brother to suicide six months ago. Last night I introduced her to my mother who's been a grief counsellor for years and they've agreed to have a weekly chat to help my friend navigate this horrible thing. Very lucky to have both those women in my life. Thanks for this.
I know someone who could do with some support right now so I'll definately pass it on.
Nowhere else to post this. A copy of your memoir fell into my hands last night and I read it til 3 in the morning. It is a thing of beauty and it changed me. At least until I change back. Thank you
Thank you so much, generous and mysterious one...
Normally crying at that time of night is bad. Last night, it was good
I remember you telling me about this at the time and since then I've thought about their sorrow often.
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