Monday, November 29, 2010


Your Voice In My Youtube

So profound, wish could articulate self half as well. Looking very Gardener/Lamarr here. x
I like finding out about stuff like this here, but I like it better when my schoolfriend who works at Bloomsbury is independently shouting on Facebook about how much her office loves this book and linking to the video.

My mum's a therapist for both victims and perpetrators of domestic violence and gets "you saved my life" thank you cards on a fairly regular basis- it's a privilege being the offspring of a 'saviour'.

Hope you'll come to London to promote.
You do this weird thing with your mouth, biting your bottom lip on the side... which I do when I'm singing. I like it.

More to the point, I like the idea of taking the literary and making it musical. Lyrics/Songs take over my life. Lyrics are often more poignant to me than some of the best writing out there. I can't wait to talk your ear off about my attempt to marry the two concepts!!
(side-note): quite weird that this was posted at 11:11. I have 11:11 tattooed on my forearm. And today in particular, I needed to see something like this.
So proud of you! Can't wait to get my hands on this and absorb it all.
Your book is brilliant and courageous. And your voice is in my head.
I'm disappointed to have to wait until spring, but pre-ordered and your book will be on my Kindle May 3. The cover art is different at Amazon U.S. (I prefer the other version, shown in your video, but I guess it doesn't matter with Kindle.)

Hoping the book will be a huge success for you. Good luck.

You are SO beautiful...inside and out, Emma. Have you stopped to ponder how many people's lives you've touched?

Much love,
Emma, I came to your page after reading about the journey you took to write your memoir in the UK Psychologies Feb 2011 issue.
I wish you every success with it.
You should be so proud of yourself for your courage to get through it all. Do not let any negative comments (if you indeed get any) get to you. I am very much looking forward to the launch of this book.
If you ever come over to the UK to promote it I hope I will make it to see you.
Much love

I opened your book this morning and have just read the last pages. It is beautiful and moving and funny and clever and sad and wonderful. It is also powerful; your honest and insightful words will doubtless help others to understand the struggles of their loved ones, or indeed their own.
The empathy it will inspire is a truly enormous gift to give, and by the sound of it very much in the spirit of Dr R. Thank you.
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