Sunday, January 23, 2011



"Re-read Julie Myerson," insists Mum, "She's extremely complimentary about your gifts as a writer. What she's saying she dislikes is you."
That's true!

Julie Myerson, (whom I once saw in Wholefoods wearing a ridiculous fur hat in August-irrelevant)is a fine one to speak of self indlugent writing (meow).

The review is incredibly unkind and incredibly inaccurate. What is supposed to be a book review, turns into a personal attack, and that is such a shame.

For what it's worth, I am loving the book. What Myerson may label self obsessed, I would call honest.
It's fantastic having a mum who knows how to cut through the crap isn't it?

I said this on twitter, but judging by the response so far, it's clear to see that your words will offer far more empathy and comfort to people than the criticisms of someone who quite clearly didn't get it.
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