Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Reading group

Saw someone reading my memoir tonight on the tube! I've seen it in book stores here already but not actually in someone's hands. Peeped over their shoulder (to try and see how it ends...)

Wow, very cool! It's out there...
Are you planning on doing any London book readings while you're over?
Emma, I like you a lot. Thanks for this book.
I second the 'Emma I like you a lot' comment. I'd also like to add a few questions uno: are you in London? Book readings? Is there any way of contacting you? (I'd like to ask yet another question, privately...)
I was given an ARC of your memoir at ALA in San Diego last week. I was being discrimating in my selections; after all I could only carry so many. "Please, no childhood angst, no painful stories of psychiatric disorders." "Oh well," she said, "this may not be for you then. But it is beautifully written." So, I took it, because I am writing memoir and because perhaps it would give me something - pacing, story arc, denouement - that would help in my own writing (in an abstract way). All the preconceptions went out the window once I started reading, and kept reading, almost finishing it in one sitting. Heartbreaking, luminous, raw, tender, masterfully written and so satisfying! I didn't care about GH; I only cared about how you survived the loss of Dr R and whether you are thriving now. I applaud your brutal, uncompromising honesty and thank you for the joy of reading this wonderful book.
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