Sunday, January 09, 2011


Thank you

Between The Guardian excerpt and today's Sunday Times interview, I want to thank you all very, very much for your kind comments. Funnily enough, my sister said "Emma, go look on Twitter, there's really lovely stuff about your excerpt" and then fifteen minutes later called back to say "Uh, don't go look on Twitter".

I've been enjoying your writing since the days of the Generation X column in the Sunday Times - I identified a lot with you as we were a similar age and I was a total MSP obsessive at that point and loved your writing about Richey Edwards in particular.

I read the excerpt on yesterdays Guardian with interest and I thought it came across really well. As someone who has struggled with similar issues I think its great to see women speaking and writing openly about this stuff. I've ordered and cant wait to read the book. There will always be critics and labels like "posh girl self harmer" are just attempts to silence and disenfranchise. Rise above them and keep speaking out I say!

Be safe
I thought that the excerpt from your book in the Guardian was brilliant. Your writing moved me to tears. You are an inspriation to many people, please remember that.

Hi Emma ,
I am new to twitter and would like to follow you , but can't seem to find you on there . Have you put a picture on ?
It is all bollock-noise on the internet remember. Apart from the nice messages. They're real.
Hello Emma,

I read your extract in the Guardian weekend, and really thought that it was an excellent read. You have led a remarkable life so far and I hope things turn good for you if they haven't already. Your psychologist seems like such a remarkable man. You were lucky to have someone like that in your life. This is the first time I have come across your blog but I will be popping in from now on and look forwaard to reading your book.

All the best

Marlon Dolcy
Hello Emma,

I randomly picked up the Guardian today and was completely sucked in by your story. I don't often have an emotional response to an article but your experiences really moved me and I ached for your pain as I was cheering you on to be healthy. Thanks for opening up and I'll be looking for your book.

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