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Your Voice In my Head reading

Thank you all, again, for the lovely comments. Yes, I am doing a London book reading on Wednesday January 26th, 6.30 for 7pm at the Lutyens and Rubinstein book store at 21 Kensington Park Road, W11. I am extremely honoured to say that the great Jon Ronson will host a Q and A session. It's a fiver to get in but that comes with wine. To reserve a place email

Love Jon Ronson- he did a podcast recently with his son with Robin Ince and Josie Long that was really adorable.
Very tempted to attend. I don't go to London very often but since you are one of my absolute favourite writers ever, I may make an exception...
Very much looking forward to the book reading.
Great! Make sure to rsvp everyone, with your name (not blogging name) or you won't get in...
Internet handles always come back to haunt you. I was cited in someone's wedding ceremony as Cathusmax once.

Looking forward to it.
Arr thanks for the tip Em. Softly, softly, catchee monkey...
I'm happy to see all the recent blog posts. I've been looking forward to reading your new book since you blogged about writing it so long ago. Unfortunately, the release date for the U.S. is still a ways off but I've pre-ordered and can't wait to get it. From what you've shared here, it sounds like a great gift to the walking wounded (like me). :)

Any chance of a Book Soup reading closer to the U.S. release?

Best of luck to you!

Kai xo
Wish I could go, would love to meet you.
Emma, I will most certainly be buying a copy of your book, which I saw reviewed in The Daily Mail.

I apologise for writing this here, but I can't find another way of getting in contact with you.

I was recently let out of hospital following yet another toe-curlingly embarassing and half-hearted suicide attempt. These episodes are due to my 'Borderline Personality Disorder' (apparantly) though I'm interested that my GP has no idea what I'm talking about and the hospital haven't suggested I do anything about it. I am wanting to start raising awareness of this illness and reading some of your symptoms felt that you might know a little about this. Would you mind if I got in touch?
There's quite a few of us Colin fans that are looking forward to this reading. I for one, can't wait. You will be answering questions right? :-) Will any press be there? Like your friend Bel Mooney?
Thank you for posting my comment. First question that I'm going to ask you is how you sleep at night after stabbing a man that cared about you in the back? Yes, we're looking forward to the reading. Let's see if you post this one. Doesn't matter, we'll see you at the reading.
jon ronson is a legend i remember those shows he did about religious groups years ago,, they were on tv late or mayb repeated late and he always seemed so calm and relaxed talking to these very mad and interseting people, perfect viewing for bedtime.if your listening jon "you shd get back on tv!" (you probably didnt hear me shout that) ...... i read your guardian piece emma ,, really liked it.. alot..
I don't yet know what to think when people who have cyber stalked you via email and this blog in the past claim (threaten?) they'll be attending your book reading. I'm going to do some research on this behavior.
I'm with Concerned, and therefore will be donning my Kevin Coster in Bodyguard attire for the event.

Defining characteristic of a troll is that they're all mouth and no trousers. please don't be put off doing the reading.
Anonymous I am guessing you probably don't read Psychologies Magazine. Emma says in the article that she cleared the book with all the people in it and anyway wasn't it the other way round.
In Birmingham and I'm thinking of travelling down to Salem, I mean London for this lynching, I mean book reading. Sardine - I'll bring Kevlar
Christine, great pointing that fact out. Even if people from her past were to sit on the couch of a late night talk show and clearly state they were approached before it was published and have no hang-ups about its contents, these sick individuals would still harass Emma. It gives them some sort of twisted satisfaction to be able to cut people down with no repercussions as their true identity is hidden. They've nothing better to do than trash any female attached to their favorite movie star as if he would condone this disgusting behavior from his "fans". For someone's hobby during their downtime at home or work to be cyber bullying in this day and age speaks volumes of where this world is heading and the sad mindset people have where they feel it's perfectly fine to say anything on the web in the dismissive attitude of "if you don't like it, then don't read it". What's more disheartening is this isn't people like teenagers or young adults involved, but grown, professional women. Imagine how they'd feel if it were their sibling or their own child attacked with defamatory claims! Yes, we are entitled to our opinions, but this group has gone off the deep end with cruelty time and time again with other girlfriends as well. That reasoning ("so what, it's fun to pick apart girlfriends we feel aren't worthy, just don't look if it bothers you") is a load of bullshit and it's dangerous conduct in my opinion. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't see how this is a healthy way to go about your adult life. Someday soon we need to hold people more accountable for their actions on the internet.
Emma is a writer and I would imagine, no matter how hurtful things might be that are said about her, that she would be the last person to condone what you are proposing, L. Patterson. The internet is one of the last uncensored places left in this godforsaken P.C.-infested world. Please tell me Emma that you would not champion censorship in any of its forms! Groups like the A.C.L.U exist for a reason and it is a very good reason in my opinion. I usually don't agree with the things being said by the people protected by groups like the A.C.L.U., but I respect the A.C.L.U.'s wholehearted embracement of the right to free speech. One of you made a "joke" about Salem in your comments. Perhaps, considering what you are endorsing, while pointing your fingers, you should grab that Puritan bonnet yourselves and don it. Emma, you have always gone beyond the call of duty to shed harsh light on the truths of your life and those who have wandered into it. I refuse to believe that you would condone censoring any writing. Censoring the internet, changing the words to "Huck Finn", stopping people from expressing political opinions, burning's all the same to me. Is it not to you??? It seems some of your fans/protectors are standing quite smugly on a pedestal of sand and are hardly better than those pretending to be Mr. Farrell's fans.
I tell you what, I actually got to go to an ACLU benefit a few years ago and Paul Simon sang 'Loves Me Like a Rock' with The Dixie Hummingbirds who have to be in their eighties and it was probably the absolute best show I've ever seen.
To Anonymous at 4:56pm, what exactly do you assume I am proposing in my comments?
It isn't so simple. There comes a time when yelling "free speech" isn't going to cut it. Sometimes people abuse or misinterpret that right to mean they can also alter and print anything. I'm not talking about something as commonplace as saying "she's not cute." I've seen things done where possibly lawyers should have been involved to some extent.
Emma, I for one (and I am clearly not alone) was completely blown away by your article in the Guardian. I have passed it on to many of my friends, all of whom were equally taken with your work, and read and re-read your article many times on a daily basis. Your writing is as beautiful and elegant as the experiences you describe are heartbreaking.

I also think you deserve praise for posting the negative comments written here. Not many people would have the balls.

I have a ticket for your reading and I can't wait.

Best wishes and thank you for introducing me to your work.
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