Friday, January 28, 2011


YVIMH readings

I did a reading on tuesday at the Lutyens and Rubinstein bookstore in Notting Hill, and one on thursday at Clerkenwell Tales. Jon Ronson hosted the Notting Hill event and David Baddiel very kindly did Clerkenwell. Both audiences were very smart and asked great questions so thank you everyone who came down and to the good people in both stores who helped set everything up. Jon has a new book out in the summer called 'The Psychopath Test' (he did test me, in front of a packed room, too). David has his fourth novel out in March, 'The Death of Eli Gould'. L-R, Peter Ho, (owner of the excellent Clerkenwell Tales), small lady, David Baddiel (comedian, novelist, Madhur Jaffrey enthusiast.)

Enjoyed your talk at Clerkenwell Tales- and really enjoying the book. Good luck with it:)
Lutyens and Rubinstein was so lovely, you were lovelier!
I didn't hear the reading or anything like that, but i've almost finished the book myself and had to find out a way of letting you know that I think it is amazing. Both the book and you are completely beautiful.
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