Saturday, February 26, 2011


Bookbits interview:

This was a Toronto interview I really enjoyed. Not sure about my cleavage floating listlessly through space...

That was a great interview.

So funny, I had a long discussion with a friend about how the internet plays a part in modern relationships, very early on. The prior knowledge it allows takes something away from the fun and, if you're lucky, the magic, of meeting someone.It makes it harder to give someone a chance. But also, you can become so aware of the self you present virtually, that that can affect things too.

If I was googled, you wouldn't find the same nature of things as found when you are, but for so many people, Facebook has a massive part to play, and so does blogging. A girlfriend blog stalks a guy she has just started dating, and the blog's voice is very different to his. That can be quite uncomfortable. Also, she has to smile, wide eyed, to things he tells her, which she found out ages ago.Ha!

And as for the cleavage, well, if you've got it, have it float listlessly through space, I say!
Lovely interview. Lovely voice (in my head?).

I'm happy that your current read the book and there was no ill will.

Comparing all that's put out on the internet as a tattoo (permanent) was spot on! Even I wish to this day I hadn't blogged certain things or Facebooked others.
Hi Emma,
I'd love to set up an interview with you for , a youth mental health website that provides info, resources, and coping tools for young people dealing with stress, mental health issues, self-harming behaviours or suicide. Interviews with musicians, athletes, writers and other celebrities are very popular on our site and provide lots of inspiration to those who are struggling with similar issues. I couldn't find an alternate way of contacting you, so hope this message finds you well. I can be reached at . Hope to hear from you soon. Best, Diana.
Definitely, Diana. Set it up through Sharon Klein at Random House Canada (she's on top of my diary!!)
My favourite line in your book: "Time heals all wounds. And if it doesn't, you name them something other than wounds and agree to let them stay"

That spoke to me - I refer to some of my wounds as "that monkey on my back" and some days you just have to greet the monkey warmly...

Thank you for a healing book.
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