Sunday, February 13, 2011


Celluloid Dreams

We're staying opposite the best video store I've ever seen. Every night I've been staying in, rewatching and discovering films. My favourite of the last five years, in no particular order:
Animal Kingdom
Fish Tank
Let The Right One In
Sita Sings The Blues
Joan Rivers - A Piece of Work
Client 9 (this one, above all others, is brutally painful to watch)

Love Head-on , I just felt in love with Sibel, her face is so pure...
I saw Joan Rivers-A Piece of Work at a doc fest in November. I loved it! So funny, but so moving. She did a Q&A after, and was so warm, as well as quite shy.

Oh, the bit in the doc with the beautiful woman who had been a great photographer before she became ill...heartbreaking. I was so moved by that.
I know! It really was moving wasn't it? And regarding Sibel from 'Head-On' have you seen her with her new nose? She's still beautiful, it's just a completely different face.
No I don’t , did she have a new nose ? Oh I used to like her nose, it goes with her face, a perfect match, like you know Angelica Houston, for me Angelica without her nose isn’t Houston.

But if Sibel feel better now, it’s more important, I suppose. Curious to see her with her new nose.
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