Wednesday, February 09, 2011



 Ever since I saw Jah Wobble play at the Royal Opera House in London (for the uninitiated, he's the former bassist of John Lydon's post Sex Pistol's band PIL), I've been thinking about high/low culture and what a happy marriage it can be. I'm not saying which is the "high" culture and which the "low" in this equation (honestly, my mind was blown when he brought on the Japanese flower arranger to set up enormous flowers around the band as they played, until they were completely obscured). This week I was sent reviews of my memoir from Macleans (the Canadian equivalent of Time) and from Laineygossip (a gossip blog). Both were serious, well written and insightful - but guess which one had the terrible tabloid heading? Interesting.

My friend Az has been giving me a running commentary on the Laineygossip piece- very pleased that your book has spread so far and wide.

Another friend Melissa apparently spent an hour on the train unapologetically weeping (the good kind of crying) after reading your book in a day.
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